26 Dec 2012

Event: Xpoze Soiree: Exclusive Pictures of 5th Anniversary Celebrations!

Farhan Zafar, Andleeb Rana and Rasikh hosted a lovely afternoon soiree at Koel cafe to celebrate 'Xpoze' magazine's 5th anniversary!

The event was attended by their family, friends - lots of fashionistas and many other media personalities.

Enjoy the pictures below:

Andleeb and Fathma both looking super!!!!
Loving Aamna's Wardha Saleem kameez, we also saw it in on Amara in the Blogfest pictures!
Shehla Chatoor looking chic as always. 

xxx A
(Photography by Kashif Rafiq)

PS - There is a super fun feature coming up in Xpoze magazine, so make sure you grab next months copy on the 1st of January 2013!!!

Dressing for Work in Pakistan - Part 2

Hi all,

If you remember my previous post on dressing for work in Pak, I had mentioned that a huge challenge I face is how to dress for work here. Of course, I am lucky considering the environment I work in is not so conservative, however it would still be a little OTT dressing in power suits as I would like. That being said, I was so pleased when I saw Adnan Pardesy for The Working Woman's collection. These are the Pakistani 'Power Suits'! You can see a lot of Adnan Pardesy's signature styles in this collection. Not only that - but what a highly creative campaign! If you know me, you know I'm always on the look out for innovative and fun fashion campaigns and this one truly stands out. From the brilliant composition of the photography - to the typography - to the design of the layout - everything is a hit and some more. They've used a celebrity hook, but not the regular Mahira Khan type, rather Zoe Viccaji, a musician - as the face of their collection. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into this campaign. Love how the pages are laid out in a magazine editorial style for "The Careerist".

The collection is stylish, fun, and perfect for a conservative environment as well. It even has the edge to be personalised - as can be seen on Zoe. So, you can definitely add your own style to the look with printed leggings, different coloured pants, fun accessories and so on.

Below are some of the campaign pictures:

 The fun editorial type magazine layout!
Other images of the working woman in action.

Images from the Lahore store launch that took place on the 12th of December: 
Adnan Pardesy, Zoe Viccaji, Zaman and Omer Chaudhry.
 Adnan Pardesy and Ali Xeeshan who is wearing an Adnan Pardesy coat as seen 
at his collection showcased in FPW4.
 Gauhar Bano and Momina Sibtain - these working women are looking ultra chic! 
 Zoe Viccaji looking lovely. 
Fatima Waleed Zaman looking fabulous in an Adnan Pardesy for the Working Women kameez, see how she has incorporated her own style with loose pants that have a lace trimming? This is what I was talking about! Fatima looks fabulous!!!

Adnany Pardesy for The Working Woman is also coming soon to the Labels estore

What is your opinion on dressing for work in Pakistan? and this collection?
xxx A
(Photography by Imran Fareed)

24 Dec 2012

Ensemble Du Jour: Winter Ball 2012

Hello fashion lovers,

I'm so excited to show you all what I did with my dress! Let me present the pictures first before I get into the details:

What I'm wearing: The dress is from Candela NYC, the clutch is from Mimco, shoes are pewter coloured Michael Kors but you can't really see them.

I had posted asking if my readers would know what exactly I had altered. Well, one person guessed correctly on the BFB facebook group, that I had revamped the dress by adding the tiered skirt insert. I had bought this dress to wear to my 21st but ended up wearing something else instead - this dress has been lying in my closet since then. So, on Wednesday I hopped down to Aashiana and purchased some net, I got it dyed the same colour as the dress and got my tailor to urgently make tiers attached to the lining of the dress with a slight trail. Picked up the dress Saturday afternoon - lucky for me it turned out well!! Otherwise, I would've picked up one of the dresses featured in this post.

Make up: TV stick in 508 under Mac concealer in NC25 and Revlon photo ready 3. Mac foundation in NC25, with TV paint stick in FS45 dabbed lightly with a damp sponge all over my face. Benefit high beam on cheekbones and nose bridge. Illamasqua blush in 'Tremble'. Lipstick was Rimmel lipliner  in 005, Illamasqua lipstick in Brink and Bourjois velvet finish lip cream in '51 rose poudre'. I put a lot more eyeshadow that I usually do, even for a night out. I blended many colours; started off with the silver you can see in the Stila 'light up the world' palette (separately sold as 'sugar'), then used the L'Oreal chrome shine eyeshadow in '179 starry black' - blended this in with a Mac paint pot in 'Perky', then used the Kryolan aqua colour pot liner in '101 brown' and used it on the crease of my eyelid and blended it in. I also used the Stila silver shadow on my lower lash line, and then some of the brown from the Karaja 4 colour palette with a slanted brush on the outer ends of my lower lash line to define my eyes slightly. Of course I lined my waterline with a white Rimmel eye pencil. I then stuck on Blync lashes with 1000 hours eye lash glue (this is the best glue ever by the way) and used Rimmel eyeliner (which is not in the picture above) to give a winged liner look. Also used the Revlon mascara to blend in the false lashes with my real ones. I then dabbed the Chanel 30 Naturel Translucent 2 press powder all over my neck and face. Phewf!

Hope that was a detailed enough description ^^
xxx A

23 Dec 2012

Lust List: RangJa Jumpsuit

So Maha Burney and Nadir Firoz Khan have done it again. I fell in love with the RangJa shoot - it is their most different shoot to date. Love the vibrant colours and upbeat nature of it, and of course I adore this royal blue jumpsuit and need to get my hands on it asap! Isn't it divine?

I have been checking out RangJa items for a while now - they are so fun and different! I have this lovely mens shirt from there with a truck art print on it - and their jewelry is really fun too, recently purchased a fish scale silver cuff which is quite a unique piece and it's adjustable! I have tiny wrists so cuffs usually don't sit well but this one is perfect. 

Anyhow, let's look at some more pictures from this vivacious shoot:

Loving the shoot as much as I am? Please don't miss the attention to detail with the neon earrings, hair and shoes - perfection.
xxx A 

Style Stalker: Insignia Winter Brunch

Insignia hosted a lovely winter brunch with their Italian design director Massimo Bonafe. This event was attended by many fashionistas and media personalities.

When I was sent these pictures, I was blown away by model, Zara Peerzada. She was certainly the belle of the ball in her vintage crochet dress - which she tweeted was made by her mom (how precious!!) - a leather jacket, waist belt, burgundy lips and Insignia shoes!! The gladiator style Insignia shoes are super hot, don't you think?

 Zara with Amna Kardar.

Momina Sibtain also looked super, in her Sam Edelman Lorissa spike heels and Nida Azwer kameez:

More pictures:
Loving Selina's lace shawl.. what a fun piece. 

xxx A 

21 Dec 2012

Quick Fix: Winter Ball Dress Woes!

The annual 'Winter Ball' is tomorrow night, and I've had a bit of a disaster - I left everything to last minute, and only realised on Wednesday that I'm in a bit of a dress situation. Anyhow, I rushed my dress to the tailor the same day, as I'm revamping a dress that I've been wanting to wear for a while - but I get it back Saturday afternoon, so if things do not work out I'm in a bit of a fix. Considering nothing is easy access over here and you pretty much have to plan in advance for everything - which is what I usually do, especially when it comes to clothes - however, my schedule just did not allow it this time.

So, I was thinking, there must be a few more of you out there in a similar situation? Here's a little list of some pretty dresses (and one jumpsuit) I've put together. Most are available on Labels and the Labelsestore (God bless the Labels estore for last minute fixes!!!!!!!) - the others at Misha Lakhani's boutique (either in the same colours shown below or different colour variations) - considering they are in stock of course and haven't been sold out.

1. Misha Lakhani - available at the Misha Lakhani boutique on 26th street in different colour variations.
2. Misha Lakhani - available at the Misha Lakhani boutique on 26th street in different colour variations.
3. Maheen Karim Jumpsuit - available on the Labels estore with an urgent delivery option. Click here.
4. Maheen Karim Metallic Dress - available on the Labels estore with an urgent delivery option. Click here.
5. Ayesha F. Hashwani Kaftan dress - available on the Labels estore with an urgent delivery option. Click here.
6. Misha Lakhani - available on the Labels estore with an urgent delivery option. Click here. (and possibly even at the ML boutique in this print/colour or other variations)
Alternately, you can even pop by to Labels and purchase these pieces in-store.

Do you have any other ideas? Are you in a bit of a situation as well? and what are you wearing to the ball?
Do share!!
xxx A

19 Dec 2012

The Labels Blogfest Designer Dress Up - Lahore Edition!

I was so pleased to see that our idea was taken to Lahore by Anum Akram and done in style! Not only that - but it has already received lots of social media coverage.

The concept of course was the same; playing dress up with the designers. The bloggers and journalists got a chance to dress up in the designers newest collections,  get their make up done (by make up artist/stylist Asma Mumtaz of The Dresser) and take a whole bunch of fun pictures! Showing the world what real people look like in designers clothes. The event took place at Khadija Shah's (of Elan) residence. 

The designers participating were: Elan by Khadija Shah, Ayesha Khurram, House of Design by Nasreen Shaikh and Sadaf Khan of Silk by Fawad Khan (Whose collection by the way has not been seen prior to this!).

The bloggers and journalists included: Amara Javed (Pink255), Meher Tareen and Samina Khan of Paper magazine (StyleOnPaper blog),  Amna Salman (StyleStripped) and Shehrbano Taseer of Sunday Times. Some other beautiful ladies were also participating in this glam dress up session!

How fun!!!

  Asma Mumtaz comes bearing make up!
 Mariam of Paper mag getting her make up done by Asma.
 Sadaf tweeting away!
Keeping social media informed on the happenings! 
  Amara looking lovely in Elan.
 Finishing touches.
 Beautiful Meher Tareen and Samina Khan of Paper
 Mehryn Zafar in an Ayesha Khurram kurta.

  The girls in Ayesha Khurram.  (PS - Samina Khan looks SO stylish in her Markus Lupfer graphic sweater, leather leggings and Charlotte Olympia 'Dolly Island' pumps! Love it!!!)
 The lovely ladies in Silk by Fawad Khan.
  Khadija in a stunning Elan ensemble with her cute son!
 Momina Sibtain of Express Tribune.
 Mehryn Zafar in Nasreen Shaikh.
 The fashionable gang!!

From Karachi to Lahore; that wraps up the Blogfest chapter!
xxx A
(Photography by Nashit Noor)