12 Jun 2012

Ensemble Du Jour.. Dressing for work in Pak

Hi all,

So a HUGE challenge I face is how to dress for work here adhering to the Pakistani culture and environment. I want to wear high waisted pants, skirts, blazers, platform heels but it's just too inappropriate for where I work, not to mention insanely hot, but so is Dubai and I would be able to wear everything there. Mostly people here wear kameezes (which I do sometimes too) with the exception of a few. I have to dress decently, slightly toned down and not too funky, even though I was dying to wear crazy tights today.

Anyhow, so today my outfit comprised of a Zara shirt, Supre leggings, Balenciaga brief bag, Aldo moccasins/loafers (Aah these shoes I adore) and Forever New faux pearl strings:

So stay tuned to see how I get past the limitation of dressing for work here.

<3 <3 <3 A


  1. Lurrrve the Balenciaga! I've got it in black but I'm totally drooling over yours.
    And yes I totally agree, the other day I was thinking of purchasing this "star" statement necklace from zara but changed my mind because I know no one's going to get the beauty of it here. For all I know I'd be the person with stars around her neck :P lol

  2. Thank you!! Why aren't you blogging by the way? your blogs empty!!
    The star necklace sounds really pretty. Haha, I've gotten so many similar comments on things I've worn in the past but you should've gotten it for a night out anyway xxx

  3. I've been on facebook for a while now with the same name... Planning on starting on a more serious note now IA. You so served to be an inspiration to get going. I just couldn't get my way around it thinking there's no hope for Pakistani fashion bloggers but you totally got me thinking otherwise. And boy does this country need a makeover!
    p.s. u're absolutely right, I think I'll get my hands on that necklace anyway! ;)

  4. Oooh I'm so happy to hear that!! Yes you must start blogging soon, we need to start out little PAK fashion bloggers network. Can't wait to read your posts xxx