30 Mar 2013


I have some EXCLUSIVE news for all you fashion junkies out there!!!
Another first for Lables!! For the first time in fashion history: Style360Labels.com will have the Fashion Pakistan Week 5 (9-10th April 2013) collections hot off the ramp to shop the second they are showcased, giving shopaholics worldwide the chance to grab their favourite looks asap!!

Isn't this genius?
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28 Mar 2013

My Picks: Wills India Fashion Week S/S'13

This post was featured on the Hello! blog.

The top 6 collections that completely blew me away are as follows:

Pero by Aneeth Arora – Loved the modern take to Oliver Twist meets 'Cirque du Soleil' – I never even thought that could look fashionable but Pero proves that notion wrong! This is what I call layering done superbly. It is a masterpiece collection. The bow ties are so on trend as well as the buttoned up collars. Whoever styled this look is on another fashionable level. 5+ stars!!!

Manish Malhotra  Lots of sheer, beautiful silhouettes and regal colours. The collection celebrated traditional phulkari and bagh embroidery from Punjab. I loved the work on the pieces, reminded me a bit of Ali Xeeshan’s pieces as well.

Alpana Neeraj – What a dramatic show, with pieces that are likely to grace Vogue’s cover. A lot of very futuristic silhouettes. 

Shantanu and Nikhil – Can you say painting the town orange? Chic pieces with a lot of shades of orange and turbans, they said they were inspired by sand dunes for this collection. Cutwork/laser cut fabrics is what is trending at the moment, from the likes of Roberto Cavali to Shantanu and Nikhil – I am loving what I see. S&N present us with a range of looks from feminine to working woman to wedding!! Fab!
PS - Don't miss the bow tie. Loveeee.

Payal Pratab – Lots and lots of jewelled tones, florals, vests/coats, jodaphur pants and draping! Like the concept of each piece being a separate – and being able to be used for a variety of different looks. Very versatile. Certainly a treat to the eyes.

Charu Parashar – Now I’m not one for sequins usually, but these embellished beauties were divine. Very modern and fun, with some great prints. The shirt/blazer/pant combos were a personal favourite.

What collection stood out the most for you?

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Lust List: CASHHIMI Bags by Cenan Abas Sel

I have always been a fan of exotics, so when I came across CASHHIMI - I fell in love instantly.. Adore the styles, colours and skins used!! To die for. Please check out the electric blue day bag featured in the collage below - that is my absolute favourite.

Cenan Abas Sel is the mastermind behind Cashhimi - the Turkish accessories designer who graduated with a Business degree but switched career paths to pursue her love for exotic skins and luxury bags - By the way, CASHHIMI make some gorgeous shoes, go through their fb page pics and find the colourful loafers!! Divine!!

This bag has been seen on the arms of many celebrities - they are Paris Hilton's favs and Beren Saat, the gorgeous Turkish actress is another fellow fan.

You can purchase these bags here.

Which one is your favourite?
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18 Mar 2013

The Lawn Diaries: Sana Safinaz

'The Lawn Diaries' post today features the beautiful and dynamic duo; Sana and Safinaz! I am in awe of these lovely ladies because they have taken the fashion industry by storm and are always ahead of the pack with their designs and impeccable marketing skills. Since I always observe campaigns and marketing strategies closely; I have to say that SanaSafinaz is one of the only fashion brands within Pakistan to have established a brand name and brand community that famous brands internationally achieve. Additionally, they are certainly the pioneers in regards to designer lawn. Over the years, SanaSafinaz has become more than just a piece of clothing, it is a lifestyle.

 Hope you enjoy the interview below as BFB chats with Sana Safinaz about a variety of topics (predominantly lawn), including their signature aesthetic, their inspirations for the S/S '13 collection, about their S/S'13 campaign, empowering women, selling via eCommerce, and launching their own online portal in the near future!!

Sum up the SanaSafinaz signature style in a couple of sentences please: SanaSafinaz is elegant. With just the right balance of print and embroidery.
Your views on the lawn culture in Pakistan? I think it's great. Lawn is worn 9 months of the year. And to upgrade such a fabric is ingenious. At least there is great variety for clients in the market.
Inspiration for the SS13 lawn collection? We always aspire to give the customer something different so our inspiration is constant and varied. From our travels to movies and the books we read.
What colour palette are you focusing on and why? We actually don't decide on a strict colour palette. Since it's a complete and comprehensive collection, there is always something soft, something bright. Then of course some darks, some light.
Any plans of selling stitched lawn kameezes in the future? Yes of course, that will be the natural progression of lawn.
Thought process behind the S/S '13 lawn campaign? We wanted to show the maturity of the brand and after 22 years in the business of fashion we wanted to send the message of women empowerment. To know one self and to recognise the journey.
What made you come up with the concept of having the extravagantly long trail for the campaign? We wanted to do the cliff shot with a helicopter. For such a dramatic shot one needed a dramatic outfit. I think we managed to achieve that!!
What is your take on lawn exhibitions? You have not exhibiting your designs for the past 2 years, what is your reason behind this? Our lawn exhibitions were getting out of hand. We just couldn't handle the crowds. It was becoming a security issue. The last time at Expo Center we had more than 25, 000 people. We decided that day that we were going to give our lawn directly into shops and avoid all the 'dhkka mari' that  our clients have to endure.
What are your views on eCommerce? its great. It is the furture. Convenience is going to be the name of the game.
How do you think it will help spread the brand name even further? There are hundred of thousands of Asians dying to wear lawn abroad. It will open up a whole new world for them and at the same time open new markets for us.
There is a great deal of interest from International buyers; do you believe that ecommerce is the direction for the future? Yes of course, how else will people living abroad get access? This is the easiest and most convenient way.
 How do you feel about retailing your lawn collection worldwide on the ‘Style 360 Labels e-Store’? I think it's great. And from what I am told we sold out our stock in 3 min!!!!
Does the excitement from the ‘Style360 Labels e-Store’ buyers, tempt you to launch your own eCommerce portal? Yes it does. That was the idea for 2013 in any case. We just were ready in time. For the next launch IA.
We have observed that your take on marketing is making SanaSafinaz more of a lifestyle than just a clothing brand? How does this tie in with your future plans? SanaSafinaz has always been marketed as a lifestyle. We do bridal, luxury pret, furniture, lawn and IA in April we launch nationwide with our retail Stores. The idea is to provide the Pakistani women with everything she might require - from day to night. From clothing to your home decor.

Below are a few images from the S/S '13 lawn campaign:

 Beautiful shot ^

The pieces will be available nationwide today!! To purchase online log on to the Style 360 Labels eStore, however, as mentioned in the interview the lawn sold out within 3 minutes online, therefore if you are an International customer, you will have to wait till the stock is updated on the Labels eStore.

Happy/productive shopping!!
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Lust List: 'Archie's Girls' for Mac Cosmetics!

So, I may be a little late on this, but I just stumbled upon the 'Archie's Girls' Valentines Day collection for Mac cosmetics and I'm in love. I have always been a fan of Archie comics, and I was delighted when I came across this. The colours and packaging are just divine. I don't think I've been this excited about a Mac collection since the Barbie one.. Oh I liked the Fafi collection too!!
... Now to get my hands on some of these!!

Past Collections I've Liked:

What do you girls think? Betty or Veronica? (Veronica all the way for me!!)
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(Images courtesy of Google)

17 Mar 2013

Attention Fashionistas: Labels Lahore Spring Fair 2013

Calling all the Lahore based fashionistas: The annual Labels Lahore 'Spring Fair' 2013 is scheduled for the 19th and 20th of March from 12 pm to 10 pm, featuring some of really cool designers.

BFB got a sneak preview of what to expect and a shout out from some of the designers showcasing their collection at the 'Spring Fair'.

Safia Abbas: 

"Pick your exclusive 'Safia Abbas' outfit! Be it that perfect pink flowy dress for a Sunday brunch, a fun black and white top for the polo match, an elegant electric blue sequined top paired with cheetah print palazzo pants for a night out, or even that show stopper, intricately embellished lace dress for your bestfriends wedding! Stand out in a crowd! Sizzle this summer in Safia Abbas' 'Paris Collection' - available at Labels Lahore."

Zehra Saleem:

Zehra Saleem is actually one of my favourite upcoming designers from Lahore, I love her design aesthetic - very unusal and on trend (check out the bird cage embellishment)!!! See what she has to say about the pieces she will be stocking for the 'Spring Fair' below:

"This is my first ever exhibition so, as you can imagine, I'm very excited and rather nervous. Spring is a time to celebrate beauty and femininity - my collection does just that! All my pieces are embellished with sequined motifs of lotuses, birds, bird cages and roses. The entire collection is on grip - I love its fall and women love it too because it's slimming! The idea was to create affordable party-wear that can be jazzed up for weddings and dinners, or even worn simply to lunches."

Hina Butt:

"Curious to see Pakistan's biggest fashion Spring/Summer '13 pret collection? Hold your horses then ladies as you will not have to wait any longer to grab a fun, feisty and funky outfit by Teena's at the Labels Lahore Spring Fair. Teena By Hina Butt brings to you its phenomenal latest collection of digital print kurtas, happening jumpsuits, flowy palazzos, chic tops and a handful of new tricks at your favourite fashion stop. See you there fashion lovers!"

How exciting!! Which one of you will be attending?
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14 Mar 2013

The Lawn Diaries: Nida Azwer

I have an exciting new lawn feature called 'The Lawn Diaries' - I will kick start with the fabulous Nida Azwer as we have a brief chat with her about venturing into the lawn industry, her lawn designs and going digital via eCommerce!

Sum up your signature style in a couple of sentences: Our signature style is classy chic, whether it is lawn, prĂȘt wear or bridals. With lawn, however we are catering to a wider market so that Nida Azwer designs, with its affordability, are available to any woman.
How has the journey of venturing into the lawn industry been thus far? Honestly, it’s a lot of hard work but a great learning experience as well.
Why are you calling your collection ‘Limited Edition’? As this is my first lawn boutique collection, I want to maintain brand exclusivity and develop brand loyalty.
Your inspiration for the lawn collection? For this collection, I have drawn from a diversity of inspirations ranging from the timelessness of European buildings to the richness of Turkish pottery, drawing upon the beauty of the French trellis and florals and fusing this with a heady mix of African influences and enchanting birds.
What colour palette are you focusing on and why? We have a wide range of fresh colours to cater to the summer season, from greens to blues, reds, pinks etc.
Are you selling three piece suits or stitched kameezes as well? We are just selling three piece suits.
What made you choose Humaima Malick as the face of Nida Azwer lawn? Given that my brand has always encapsulated that which is instinctively Pakistani, be that in our craftsmanship or embroideries, I was keen to work with a Pakistani personality for my lawn as well, which is why Humaima Malick is the brand ambassador for this boutique lawn collection.
Your views on the lawn culture in Pakistan? I think this market picked up and women get a whole range of variety from design houses.
Where are you stocking within Pakistan? Yes I will be stocking at Labels/Style360 Labels e-Store, Lateliers and Ensemble.
What are your views on ecommerce? It’s extremely valuable as it provides a platform for our clients, be it within Pakistan or anywhere in the world, to view and purchase our products.
How do you feel about retailing your lawn collection worldwide on the ‘Style 360 Labels e-Store’?
My products have been doing really well under Style 360 Labels e-store and I have always enjoyed working with Zahir, so I am quite excited about this.
What are your future plans for ‘Nida Azwer Lawn’? We have lots of plans for Nida Azwer Atelier, however I am a bit superstitious, so will let you know as things actually materialize. 

Below are a few campaign images of Humaima Malick modeling Nida Azwer lawn - Humaima looks glamorous.. Love the look on her, in fact is the best I've seen her look!!

The exhibition is tomorrow at the Palm Marquee at 6pm, alternately you can buy Nida Azwer lawn on the Style 360 Labels e-Store, it will be available by this afternoon!

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13 Mar 2013

Style Stalker: Zahraa Saifullah at London Fashion Week AW'13!

Loving Zahraa Saifullah's London Fashion Week Style!!! 6 fabulously chic looks! Check them out below:

What look is your favourite? Mine would have to be number 6! Loving the emerald green on Zahraa and her Celine bag. A nice sight after the endless trapeze's and luggage totes spotted in every look and corner. Also loving the python Chanel boy bag and her Burberry Metallic trench, yum!!!

Zahraa has also launched her blog recently, you must check it out on: www.zahraasaifullah.com - it is packed  with fashion, interior inspiration, art and travel - perfect for all you fashion and lifestyle junkies!!

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Picture Diary: Behind The Scenes Exclusive: The Queen of Hearts Shoot


I'm very excited to share with you a shoot that I styled!!

As you may have guessed by now; Hello! collaborated with Labels to bring you something you may have never seen before – three designers, three outfits and three different takes on Valentines Day!

Three fabulous designers; SanamChaudhri, Tena Durrani and Wardha Saleem – ‘The Queen of Hearts’, in the form of a never seen before - one of a kind shoot; featuring the designers modeling their own pieces alongside one another. Each designer has their own signature sense of style and design aesthetic, which is prominent as they share their exclusive Valentine’s Day ensembles that were specially designed for the Style360 Labels e-Store.

I hope you all picked up a copy of Hello! (February 2013) to read the juicy interview with the designers - If not I will shortly be posting it up. 

For now, here are some fun behind the scenes pictures:

The morning of the shoot, the designers headed over to the Natasha's salon where they were made up by Natasha and Hina in an old romantic Hollywood aesthetic...
Some of Natasha's yummy make up!
 Behind the scenes hair!
 The beautiful Natasha doing Sanam Chaudhri’s make up! “Natasha sculpted Sanam's face to perfection, and gave her a brown/gold eye paired with a shimmery red pout! Hina gave her the most beautiful structured Veronica Lake hair” to complete the old Hollywood look! 
 Moving on to Tena Durrani, Natasha gave “Tena luminous skin, shimmery silver eyes and a pale pink glossy mouth..Hina gave Tena a romantic braid around her crown that softly cascaded down her shoulders.” Divinity!!
 Sanam and Wardha sitting together – as Natasha’s team polishes their looks with a finishing touch. Hina is giving Sanam the Veronica Lake style hair here!

The rest of the pictures are as we reach Hook Line and Sinker – a fine dining restaurant with a exquisite interior, this is where we picked to do our shoot, because it gave a rich, romantic feel and really completed the whole look and feel/concept of the shoot:

 Tena posing away..
 Zara Tareen clicking away whilst Tena poses! Doesn’t Tena look like a complete doll?
 The beautiful Sanam chaudhri in her bespoke Vday jacket! Love the shoulder pleats
 Sabrina Khalid touching up Sanam’s chic look!
 Zara Tareen capturing the essence of Sanam’s Vday look!
 The labels team: Aisha, Ather, Zahir Rahimtoola and Natasha behind the scenes!
 Sanam Chaudhri rocking her look! Wow!
 The fabulous designer together
Yours truly! 
 One of the most beautiful shots – this really encompasses what the shoot was all about; romance. Never before have you seen designers together in an editorial style shoot – the girls really nailed it.
Wardha looking fantastic. Natasha gave her a plum lip to match her tights, gorgeous bronze skin and an old Hollywood hairstyle. We are in awe of her look. The concept behind Wardha’s outfit is also so fascinating - will share the interview soon!!

 Some of the yummy appetizers….

Below are the final images from the shoot:
The outfits were designed especially for Valentines day, and are available on order, exclusively at the Labels e-Store. Each outfit is paired with jewels from Sherezad’s breath taking collection, completing the look for Valentine’s day.

Concept and Styling: Alyzeh RahimShirazi, H&Z Creative Agency.
Make up & Hair: Natasha and Hina from Natasha salon.
Photography: Zara Tareen.
Venue: Hook Line & Sinker, Karachi.

This post has also been shared on the Hello! blog: Click here to check it out.

Would love to hear your feedback!
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