26 May 2012

Trend: Collars

Dating back from the Elizabethan/Shakespearean era to the runways of Fashion Week; Peter Pan collars have been in style for a while, but separate collars and collar necklaces have taken the fashion world with a storm. Even Louis Vuitton and Chanel have made their versions:

These collars can be anywhere from plain to embellished. Top Shop and Asos have produced great collars, but my favourite collar designer would have to be Gemma Lister. She makes the most equisite pieces in different fabrics, with different embellishments (See Below). Check out her website here for more detailed pictures and to purchase of course. Her collars have been spotted on many celebrities and on runways. My personal fav from the image below is the navy velvet and rhinestone collar. 

More images (courtesy of google):

The collars I currently own is from Top Shop, will post some pics as to how to wear the collar soon - so stay tuned.

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24 May 2012

Style Stalker: Bella Vita Launch

So a new ice cream parlour has opened in town (Zamzama).

Below are a few pictures taken by Mutahir Mahmood (O'Shoot Photography) that capture the ambiance and Italian touch of Bella Vita. This is followed by a picture of the stunning Faiza, who was the fashionista of the ball, wearing a stunning Rizwanullah dress.

Love the use of wood on the wall and ceilings, as well as the wooden pillars (I have a thing for pillars)  - the interior is very tastefully done.
She has carried off the dress beautifully. 

By the way I would like to congratulate Mutahir - he has been termed the best Pakistani photographer for couple shoots.  Well done!! If you haven't already then check out his facebook page here.

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Le Femme Du Nuit V6


Here is an outfit I would like to share:

AKA New York top, Stradivarious jeans, YSL Tributes. I love my candy colours. 

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22 May 2012

I Love My Shoes: Trend: The Smoking Slipper

So this trend has been in for a while and it's not going away any time soon. A few of my personal favs are House of Harlow, Sam Edelman, Top Shop, Alexander McQueen, Charles Philip Shanghai, Charlotte Olympia and Cole Haan. Prada has some really nice ones too. Even Zara is doing GORGEOUS studded smoking slippers and of course Top Shop has made some fabulous pairs as well that have been spotted on many celebrities.

Charles Philip Shanghai
Cole Haan
Cole Haan
Charlotte Olympia (<3 <3)
Matiko Lyla
Cole Haan again
Niky Hilton sporting the SS trend.
Olivia Palermo (one of my all time fav style icons) working a day look with the SS's
and an evening look... so very chic. Considering cutting my hair like hers

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Le Femme Du Nuitttttt


One more outfit post, since I have a couple piled up. I wore an H&M dress, Mango leggings, Louboutins and this Tory Burch clutch/chain bag that I've had for years and have used to the core, it's so so convenient for a night out. Make up is more or less the same as always and hair is curled with a thin ghd. Wearing an H cuff which is one of the only thing I can find these days as my stuff is kind of all over the place at the moment (settlings into the house quite slowly) and some random bangles from Diva in Australia. The necklace is from some stall @ a mall in Dubai, and belt from my Sheike jumpsuit that I've worn in one of the previous outfit posts, although I never wear the belt with that jumpsuit.

Okay so I usually would wear this without the leggings, but am a little unsure of my readers and don't want a fatwa issued against me!! hehe joke xxxx

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Night Out Eyes!

I got a few emails asking me about my eye make up and this is what I do on my eyes 99% of the time when I go out to a wedding, party or a dressy event:

I use Mac concealour under my eyes, as well as on the eyelid (the mini tube one) in NW25. I use a gold eyeshadow all over my eyelid and as a highlighter (I love Karaja eyeshadows as the pigment stays on all night and the Naked Eye Palette by Urban Decay for this look), I use Morisse false lashes before putting on the eyeliner, which I am having a hard time getting a hold of for the time being :( :( but they are the BEST ones I have used. I use 1000 Hours eyelash glue to stick them on because I prefer one with an applicator, this is an Australian brand, however Duo lash glue is just as good. I used to use Rimmel liquid eyeliner and I wing it a bit from the sides, but these days I am using an Aqua Eyeliner pot, with a brush applicator, and it does a superb job - in this particular picture the eyeliner is a bit shaky was a rush job. I also use the gold eye shadow under my eye and then with a slanted brush I use a brown colour to line under the eye for some definition. Inside the water line is a white eyeliner which opens the eyes up a bit. Lastly I use a L'Oreal mascara to align the false lashes with my real ones so you can't tell the difference, I think it's the telescopic mascara, but ALL L'Oreal mascaras are amazing. I'll post a video at some point!!!

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Ensemble Du Jour

This is what I wore when I went to watch The Avengers @ Atrium... LanvinxH&M Tee (loved EVERYTHING from this collection and this is my favouritest shirt).. Sheike shiny pants, Armani flats... It was too hot to move, hair went blah, make up melted. I love these kind of pants because they are so loose and comfy for the weather here. I just can't do skinny jeans during the day anymore, or even tights for that matter.

On my nails I've got on OPI Strawberry Margarita.

As for The Avengers, it was good entertainment, but I wouldn't recommend it to be honest -  way too cliche!!!!! Hunger Games is no.1 on my list for 2012. Dying for the sequels and to read the books now!!!

Oh and to add to the comments above, Atrium cinemas is world class!!! It's always a pleasure going there. Now if only they would open more around the city!!!!

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Ponds Review: No Blackheads Facial Foam.

No Blackheads is said to reduce blackheads in 7 days. Contains volcanic clay which sticks to blackheads and pulls them out. 

My Verdict: The biggest misconception is when we expect miracles with creams and facial washes, so ladies please don't expect all your blackheads to have zapped away with a couple of uses of this face wash, especially if you have deep set ones - those need to be professionally removed and can be done so at the Pond's Beauty Centre - their facials I swear by!! I personally do not have many blackheads but I do get dirt that sets in my pores especially in this hot weather. I used this face wash and am still using it however, initially I started out by using it on an everyday basis, and used it everyday for about 10 days straight, but I found that it may be a little hard on my skin and I experienced some redness in certain areas, although I do not have sensitive skin maybe my skin is a little young for this product. Indeed it removes all the dirt, clogged pores and blackheads, but one needs to REGULARLY use it to maintain results. It has a very soft texture, with tiny volcanic clay beads that exfoliate the face, unlike most blackhead removing facial washes the beads are tiny enough to set in the pores. I still use this a couple of times a week because it does work!!!  

As explained earlier in one of my Pond's posts was that you really need to find the face wash for your skin type, and they can help you do this at the Pond's Beauty Centre or you can experiment and find out as I am doing. 

To book your appointment at the Pond's Beauty Centre, call: 021-35810456.

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21 May 2012

Make Up Shoot - Preview!

This is the LONGEST I haven't posted in, but thought I'd stop by with a sneak preview of the make up shoot I did for my make up portfolio.

The first is a party look, I did charcoal and brown smokey eyes with gold, white eyeliner in the lower waterline and blue eyeliner under that. Completed the look with pinky brown cheeks and lips.

The second look is a traditional bridal look, the model is wearing a bridal outfit by Humaira Shahnawaz. The make up is a maroon and gold look on the eyes, with a thick coat of winged eye liner, black eyeliner in the lower waterline and green eyeshadow underneath that. Pink cheeks and dark pink lips.

The photographer was Sameer. 

Will be updating a lot more regularly again!!!!!! 
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6 May 2012

Exclusive Backstage Pictures: 'The Designers' New Season Launch

Exclusive backstage pictures from the multi-brand store 'The Designers' in Clifton. Collections showcased include designs by Sania Maskatiya, Wardha Saleem, Nida Ali, Umsha and Yasir Waheed. Pictures by Mutahir Mahmood (O'Shoot Photography). 


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5 May 2012

Ensemble Du Jour: Shades of Green


Here is my outfit from last night:

So I'm wearing a Mossman cropped top, Stradivarious jeans, YSL tributes, Zagliani clutch.
Accessories: Cartier 3 tone ring, Dinz cupcake bracelet, 2 bangles from Malaysian markets.
Make Up: Same as always, light gold eye shadow (some hello kitty one I use as a high lighter), winged eye liner, Mac Fafi blush, a mix of colours to get the lipstick shade.
Nails: Revlon 791 Midnight Affair

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