1. Hello alyzeh, ive been a fan of ur blog you are one of my favourite fashion bloggers who actually know how to look better an big celebrity!!! keep up the great work, i need to ask you do you charge for writing a blog about a clothing brand, if yes kindly do let me know it will be great honour if you could write something in ur blog about my brand too :)
    thank you
    sundas saeed

    1. Hi Sundas, thank you so much for your kind words!!! I am flattered!! Please email me on
      Much love xxx A

    2. And, no, I do not charge to write content for my blog :)

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  3. Hi Alyzeh Just come across your blog today and I love it! Its so interesting!...We met at the Designer Exchange Launch Day, I was the photographer! best wishes and I hope to see you again!

  4. Heeee how you been?? Remember me!! Get bak in touch yaar ! I msgd u so many times, but never got reply from you! A friend from Holland, Aroosa

  5. Dear Ma'am
    Our label PERSHE BY KAUSER HUMAYUN designs luxury pret and wedding wear. we're having an exhibition at L'atelier 37-Ghalib road, lane opp Pizza Hut on MMAlam road, Gilberg 111 Lahore. On Monday, 22nd Setp 2014.
    Will appreciate if you can visit and check out products for write-up in your blog . if visit is not possible ,please let us know if sending an outfit or viewing our Facebook page
    ( ) will be enough?
    Look forward to your reply.
    Thanks, Pershe Team.

  6. Dear Alyzeh, I love reading your blog and I love your choice of style! I am very proud to read that Pakistan has a true fashionista. We had a lack of fashionista's, but you started a trend! Would love to get tips from you and maybe even good advice. Please let me know how to contact you! Regards!