26 May 2012

Trend: Collars

Dating back from the Elizabethan/Shakespearean era to the runways of Fashion Week; Peter Pan collars have been in style for a while, but separate collars and collar necklaces have taken the fashion world with a storm. Even Louis Vuitton and Chanel have made their versions:

These collars can be anywhere from plain to embellished. Top Shop and Asos have produced great collars, but my favourite collar designer would have to be Gemma Lister. She makes the most equisite pieces in different fabrics, with different embellishments (See Below). Check out her website here for more detailed pictures and to purchase of course. Her collars have been spotted on many celebrities and on runways. My personal fav from the image below is the navy velvet and rhinestone collar. 

More images (courtesy of google):

The collars I currently own is from Top Shop, will post some pics as to how to wear the collar soon - so stay tuned.

xxxx A 

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