22 May 2012

Ponds Review: No Blackheads Facial Foam.

No Blackheads is said to reduce blackheads in 7 days. Contains volcanic clay which sticks to blackheads and pulls them out. 

My Verdict: The biggest misconception is when we expect miracles with creams and facial washes, so ladies please don't expect all your blackheads to have zapped away with a couple of uses of this face wash, especially if you have deep set ones - those need to be professionally removed and can be done so at the Pond's Beauty Centre - their facials I swear by!! I personally do not have many blackheads but I do get dirt that sets in my pores especially in this hot weather. I used this face wash and am still using it however, initially I started out by using it on an everyday basis, and used it everyday for about 10 days straight, but I found that it may be a little hard on my skin and I experienced some redness in certain areas, although I do not have sensitive skin maybe my skin is a little young for this product. Indeed it removes all the dirt, clogged pores and blackheads, but one needs to REGULARLY use it to maintain results. It has a very soft texture, with tiny volcanic clay beads that exfoliate the face, unlike most blackhead removing facial washes the beads are tiny enough to set in the pores. I still use this a couple of times a week because it does work!!!  

As explained earlier in one of my Pond's posts was that you really need to find the face wash for your skin type, and they can help you do this at the Pond's Beauty Centre or you can experiment and find out as I am doing. 

To book your appointment at the Pond's Beauty Centre, call: 021-35810456.

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