18 Mar 2013

The Lawn Diaries: Sana Safinaz

'The Lawn Diaries' post today features the beautiful and dynamic duo; Sana and Safinaz! I am in awe of these lovely ladies because they have taken the fashion industry by storm and are always ahead of the pack with their designs and impeccable marketing skills. Since I always observe campaigns and marketing strategies closely; I have to say that SanaSafinaz is one of the only fashion brands within Pakistan to have established a brand name and brand community that famous brands internationally achieve. Additionally, they are certainly the pioneers in regards to designer lawn. Over the years, SanaSafinaz has become more than just a piece of clothing, it is a lifestyle.

 Hope you enjoy the interview below as BFB chats with Sana Safinaz about a variety of topics (predominantly lawn), including their signature aesthetic, their inspirations for the S/S '13 collection, about their S/S'13 campaign, empowering women, selling via eCommerce, and launching their own online portal in the near future!!

Sum up the SanaSafinaz signature style in a couple of sentences please: SanaSafinaz is elegant. With just the right balance of print and embroidery.
Your views on the lawn culture in Pakistan? I think it's great. Lawn is worn 9 months of the year. And to upgrade such a fabric is ingenious. At least there is great variety for clients in the market.
Inspiration for the SS13 lawn collection? We always aspire to give the customer something different so our inspiration is constant and varied. From our travels to movies and the books we read.
What colour palette are you focusing on and why? We actually don't decide on a strict colour palette. Since it's a complete and comprehensive collection, there is always something soft, something bright. Then of course some darks, some light.
Any plans of selling stitched lawn kameezes in the future? Yes of course, that will be the natural progression of lawn.
Thought process behind the S/S '13 lawn campaign? We wanted to show the maturity of the brand and after 22 years in the business of fashion we wanted to send the message of women empowerment. To know one self and to recognise the journey.
What made you come up with the concept of having the extravagantly long trail for the campaign? We wanted to do the cliff shot with a helicopter. For such a dramatic shot one needed a dramatic outfit. I think we managed to achieve that!!
What is your take on lawn exhibitions? You have not exhibiting your designs for the past 2 years, what is your reason behind this? Our lawn exhibitions were getting out of hand. We just couldn't handle the crowds. It was becoming a security issue. The last time at Expo Center we had more than 25, 000 people. We decided that day that we were going to give our lawn directly into shops and avoid all the 'dhkka mari' that  our clients have to endure.
What are your views on eCommerce? its great. It is the furture. Convenience is going to be the name of the game.
How do you think it will help spread the brand name even further? There are hundred of thousands of Asians dying to wear lawn abroad. It will open up a whole new world for them and at the same time open new markets for us.
There is a great deal of interest from International buyers; do you believe that ecommerce is the direction for the future? Yes of course, how else will people living abroad get access? This is the easiest and most convenient way.
 How do you feel about retailing your lawn collection worldwide on the ‘Style 360 Labels e-Store’? I think it's great. And from what I am told we sold out our stock in 3 min!!!!
Does the excitement from the ‘Style360 Labels e-Store’ buyers, tempt you to launch your own eCommerce portal? Yes it does. That was the idea for 2013 in any case. We just were ready in time. For the next launch IA.
We have observed that your take on marketing is making SanaSafinaz more of a lifestyle than just a clothing brand? How does this tie in with your future plans? SanaSafinaz has always been marketed as a lifestyle. We do bridal, luxury pret, furniture, lawn and IA in April we launch nationwide with our retail Stores. The idea is to provide the Pakistani women with everything she might require - from day to night. From clothing to your home decor.

Below are a few images from the S/S '13 lawn campaign:

 Beautiful shot ^

The pieces will be available nationwide today!! To purchase online log on to the Style 360 Labels eStore, however, as mentioned in the interview the lawn sold out within 3 minutes online, therefore if you are an International customer, you will have to wait till the stock is updated on the Labels eStore.

Happy/productive shopping!!
xxx A

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