14 Mar 2013

The Lawn Diaries: Nida Azwer

I have an exciting new lawn feature called 'The Lawn Diaries' - I will kick start with the fabulous Nida Azwer as we have a brief chat with her about venturing into the lawn industry, her lawn designs and going digital via eCommerce!

Sum up your signature style in a couple of sentences: Our signature style is classy chic, whether it is lawn, prêt wear or bridals. With lawn, however we are catering to a wider market so that Nida Azwer designs, with its affordability, are available to any woman.
How has the journey of venturing into the lawn industry been thus far? Honestly, it’s a lot of hard work but a great learning experience as well.
Why are you calling your collection ‘Limited Edition’? As this is my first lawn boutique collection, I want to maintain brand exclusivity and develop brand loyalty.
Your inspiration for the lawn collection? For this collection, I have drawn from a diversity of inspirations ranging from the timelessness of European buildings to the richness of Turkish pottery, drawing upon the beauty of the French trellis and florals and fusing this with a heady mix of African influences and enchanting birds.
What colour palette are you focusing on and why? We have a wide range of fresh colours to cater to the summer season, from greens to blues, reds, pinks etc.
Are you selling three piece suits or stitched kameezes as well? We are just selling three piece suits.
What made you choose Humaima Malick as the face of Nida Azwer lawn? Given that my brand has always encapsulated that which is instinctively Pakistani, be that in our craftsmanship or embroideries, I was keen to work with a Pakistani personality for my lawn as well, which is why Humaima Malick is the brand ambassador for this boutique lawn collection.
Your views on the lawn culture in Pakistan? I think this market picked up and women get a whole range of variety from design houses.
Where are you stocking within Pakistan? Yes I will be stocking at Labels/Style360 Labels e-Store, Lateliers and Ensemble.
What are your views on ecommerce? It’s extremely valuable as it provides a platform for our clients, be it within Pakistan or anywhere in the world, to view and purchase our products.
How do you feel about retailing your lawn collection worldwide on the ‘Style 360 Labels e-Store’?
My products have been doing really well under Style 360 Labels e-store and I have always enjoyed working with Zahir, so I am quite excited about this.
What are your future plans for ‘Nida Azwer Lawn’? We have lots of plans for Nida Azwer Atelier, however I am a bit superstitious, so will let you know as things actually materialize. 

Below are a few campaign images of Humaima Malick modeling Nida Azwer lawn - Humaima looks glamorous.. Love the look on her, in fact is the best I've seen her look!!

The exhibition is tomorrow at the Palm Marquee at 6pm, alternately you can buy Nida Azwer lawn on the Style 360 Labels e-Store, it will be available by this afternoon!

xxx A 

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