13 Mar 2013

Picture Diary: Behind The Scenes Exclusive: The Queen of Hearts Shoot


I'm very excited to share with you a shoot that I styled!!

As you may have guessed by now; Hello! collaborated with Labels to bring you something you may have never seen before – three designers, three outfits and three different takes on Valentines Day!

Three fabulous designers; SanamChaudhri, Tena Durrani and Wardha Saleem – ‘The Queen of Hearts’, in the form of a never seen before - one of a kind shoot; featuring the designers modeling their own pieces alongside one another. Each designer has their own signature sense of style and design aesthetic, which is prominent as they share their exclusive Valentine’s Day ensembles that were specially designed for the Style360 Labels e-Store.

I hope you all picked up a copy of Hello! (February 2013) to read the juicy interview with the designers - If not I will shortly be posting it up. 

For now, here are some fun behind the scenes pictures:

The morning of the shoot, the designers headed over to the Natasha's salon where they were made up by Natasha and Hina in an old romantic Hollywood aesthetic...
Some of Natasha's yummy make up!
 Behind the scenes hair!
 The beautiful Natasha doing Sanam Chaudhri’s make up! “Natasha sculpted Sanam's face to perfection, and gave her a brown/gold eye paired with a shimmery red pout! Hina gave her the most beautiful structured Veronica Lake hair” to complete the old Hollywood look! 
 Moving on to Tena Durrani, Natasha gave “Tena luminous skin, shimmery silver eyes and a pale pink glossy mouth..Hina gave Tena a romantic braid around her crown that softly cascaded down her shoulders.” Divinity!!
 Sanam and Wardha sitting together – as Natasha’s team polishes their looks with a finishing touch. Hina is giving Sanam the Veronica Lake style hair here!

The rest of the pictures are as we reach Hook Line and Sinker – a fine dining restaurant with a exquisite interior, this is where we picked to do our shoot, because it gave a rich, romantic feel and really completed the whole look and feel/concept of the shoot:

 Tena posing away..
 Zara Tareen clicking away whilst Tena poses! Doesn’t Tena look like a complete doll?
 The beautiful Sanam chaudhri in her bespoke Vday jacket! Love the shoulder pleats
 Sabrina Khalid touching up Sanam’s chic look!
 Zara Tareen capturing the essence of Sanam’s Vday look!
 The labels team: Aisha, Ather, Zahir Rahimtoola and Natasha behind the scenes!
 Sanam Chaudhri rocking her look! Wow!
 The fabulous designer together
Yours truly! 
 One of the most beautiful shots – this really encompasses what the shoot was all about; romance. Never before have you seen designers together in an editorial style shoot – the girls really nailed it.
Wardha looking fantastic. Natasha gave her a plum lip to match her tights, gorgeous bronze skin and an old Hollywood hairstyle. We are in awe of her look. The concept behind Wardha’s outfit is also so fascinating - will share the interview soon!!

 Some of the yummy appetizers….

Below are the final images from the shoot:
The outfits were designed especially for Valentines day, and are available on order, exclusively at the Labels e-Store. Each outfit is paired with jewels from Sherezad’s breath taking collection, completing the look for Valentine’s day.

Concept and Styling: Alyzeh RahimShirazi, H&Z Creative Agency.
Make up & Hair: Natasha and Hina from Natasha salon.
Photography: Zara Tareen.
Venue: Hook Line & Sinker, Karachi.

This post has also been shared on the Hello! blog: Click here to check it out.

Would love to hear your feedback!
xxx A


  1. It all looks lovely! Just discovered your blog and quite like it. Keep up the good work. :)

    1. Just checked out your blog as well and I realy like it xxx

  2. I love your look the best :D and those sequin pants *drools*

    very classy shoot. x

  3. Thank you so much lovely ladies xxxxx

  4. one of my fav photoshoots i hv seen lately and surprise ... u styled it . great work :)