23 Dec 2012

Lust List: RangJa Jumpsuit

So Maha Burney and Nadir Firoz Khan have done it again. I fell in love with the RangJa shoot - it is their most different shoot to date. Love the vibrant colours and upbeat nature of it, and of course I adore this royal blue jumpsuit and need to get my hands on it asap! Isn't it divine?

I have been checking out RangJa items for a while now - they are so fun and different! I have this lovely mens shirt from there with a truck art print on it - and their jewelry is really fun too, recently purchased a fish scale silver cuff which is quite a unique piece and it's adjustable! I have tiny wrists so cuffs usually don't sit well but this one is perfect. 

Anyhow, let's look at some more pictures from this vivacious shoot:

Loving the shoot as much as I am? Please don't miss the attention to detail with the neon earrings, hair and shoes - perfection.
xxx A 

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