26 Dec 2012

Dressing for Work in Pakistan - Part 2

Hi all,

If you remember my previous post on dressing for work in Pak, I had mentioned that a huge challenge I face is how to dress for work here. Of course, I am lucky considering the environment I work in is not so conservative, however it would still be a little OTT dressing in power suits as I would like. That being said, I was so pleased when I saw Adnan Pardesy for The Working Woman's collection. These are the Pakistani 'Power Suits'! You can see a lot of Adnan Pardesy's signature styles in this collection. Not only that - but what a highly creative campaign! If you know me, you know I'm always on the look out for innovative and fun fashion campaigns and this one truly stands out. From the brilliant composition of the photography - to the typography - to the design of the layout - everything is a hit and some more. They've used a celebrity hook, but not the regular Mahira Khan type, rather Zoe Viccaji, a musician - as the face of their collection. You can tell a lot of thought has been put into this campaign. Love how the pages are laid out in a magazine editorial style for "The Careerist".

The collection is stylish, fun, and perfect for a conservative environment as well. It even has the edge to be personalised - as can be seen on Zoe. So, you can definitely add your own style to the look with printed leggings, different coloured pants, fun accessories and so on.

Below are some of the campaign pictures:

 The fun editorial type magazine layout!
Other images of the working woman in action.

Images from the Lahore store launch that took place on the 12th of December: 
Adnan Pardesy, Zoe Viccaji, Zaman and Omer Chaudhry.
 Adnan Pardesy and Ali Xeeshan who is wearing an Adnan Pardesy coat as seen 
at his collection showcased in FPW4.
 Gauhar Bano and Momina Sibtain - these working women are looking ultra chic! 
 Zoe Viccaji looking lovely. 
Fatima Waleed Zaman looking fabulous in an Adnan Pardesy for the Working Women kameez, see how she has incorporated her own style with loose pants that have a lace trimming? This is what I was talking about! Fatima looks fabulous!!!

Adnany Pardesy for The Working Woman is also coming soon to the Labels estore

What is your opinion on dressing for work in Pakistan? and this collection?
xxx A
(Photography by Imran Fareed)

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