11 Mar 2013

Ensemble Du Jour... Folk Play

This is what I wore to a wedding recently, it is a (crepe silk) sari from the fabulous, Wardha Saleem's Folk Play collection. I absolutely adored this collection and had reviewed it here. I had actually worn a similar sari from the same collection at the Labels Blogfest - styled by Wardha and absolutely fell in love with it. Hence, I decided to wear another sari from the same collection. The blouse is my favourite part because it is so unique - with the colourful, neon beaded work. It can also be worn with a range of different saris. I paired the sari with a sparkly Jimmy Choo clutch.

I feel this sari is a MUST have for all the fashionistas out there, it is a statement piece and you are bound to stand out wearing it. I love the fun folk play inspired borders, the eclectic print and colours used. 

You can order a similar sari on the Style 360 Labels e-Store.
xxx A 

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