22 Oct 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 1 Continued...

.. Continued...

Maimoona H:
I went to her collection preview at 44 prior to seeing it on the runway, the collection looked good there but clothes always look so much nicer being modelled. I love the equisite fabrics she has used, especially the French lace, and she mentioned that all her pieces are one of a kind, so even if she recreates a piece you have ordered, she will put a different touch to it. I liked Eastern/Western fusion and how versatile each piece is. My favourite was the white lace dress and the silver tuxedo pants.

Ayesha Hassan:
There were too many different things happening with this collection. I could not make head nor tail of it to be honest. I love beautiful draping but there was just too much going on, and it just did not sit right. I mean some things kind of worked. Some things really didn't. What do you guys think?

Wardha Saleem:
This is what I have been waiting for. I loved her styling, concept, aesthetic, colour, the prints. Everything worked. I especially loved the jackets - amazing silhouettes! They would look great on jeans.Also the sari with the truck art-esque aesthetic. To die for. Wardha never seems to disappoint.

More FPW reviews to follow.
xxx A

(images courtesy of ebuzztoday.com)

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