22 Oct 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week 4 - Day 1

Hello Fashion Lovers,

I was unable to make it to FPW Day 1 due to other commitments, however ebuzztoday.com had plenty of pictures up and I was able to form an opinion of the collections. Here is my take on what worked, what almost worked and what really did not work.

Ishtiaq Afzal Khan:
It was a collection in the true sense of the word no doubt, but the pieces were very average, no real styling involved. Certainly not something that would blow my mind on the runway. Not loving the colours, the cut or the style. I wouldve loved to see some EXTREME styling with this collection.
Ayyan does look stunning though, love her braid #drool

Kuki Concepts: 
Some pieces were kind of nice, not my style but nice nonetheless. There was some crazy draping going on which I thought did not do much for the model at all. The styling/make up was also very mediocre and could be stepped up a notch or two, maybe something a little more high fashion, even though those words are so cliche. 

Nargis Hafeez:
I loved the Kashmiri-type embroidery on her kameezes, especially the flowers, loved the colours she used, and how she paired heavy kameezes with silk bottoms. I also liked the variations her bottoms had. There was some simplicity and elegance in her pieces. That being said I was not a fan of the pieces in black.

Love love love, I love the quirky ghatra/houndstooth print and how it was used in shirts, blazers and vests, I really liked the styling and everything came together quite well. Very different to what was showcased. I think any guy would look great rocking a DnF shirt and a nice pair of jeans. 

Sonya Battla:
I liked the simplicity of some of the pieces but on the whole nothing extraordinary. The non printed pieces reminded me of Atelier Azza, some of the cuts, colours and how the work is incorporated. Although the 'kaam' is quite different.

I've yet to see something that will totally blow my mind,.  I'm saving Wardha Saleem for last because I loved the show she put on, including all her fun pieces. She even rocked FPW3, earlier this year.

To be continued...

(Images courtesy of ebuzztoday.com)

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