18 Oct 2012

October Style Picks: Debenhams

Hello Readers,

I come bearing the style picks of the month. I saw a lot of statement pants at Debenhams, which I am loving at the moment. There were also tons of coloured jeans, as well as printed ones for those who have been on a look out.

Loved these pants, especially the brocade look. Would look 
amazing paired with a white blazer (adhering to the suit look) 
So, printed leggings will never get old for me, especially a chain print. I love wearing loose mens shirts on mine, and love the fact that they can be worn under solid coloured kameezes too. 
I have to admit, I have a thing for metallics, though I don't always love how peplum tops look - I think only a few people can pull them off really stylishly. I did like this one with the sweetheart neckline and mesh insert on top. I think it would look great paired with a pair of cigarette pants in black and a blazer.
This scarf print dress may not be too appropriate for some to wear in Pakistan and I certainly would not wear it to a party. It's more of a summery day dress. I really liked the print, the colours and the collar. 
Ok so I'll always pick out at least one top like this, it is so cool and summery, perfect for the end of the summers and would look amazeee-ing paired with coloured jeans. The brighter the better. 
Since winter is coming up, I think this sweatery top is quite cute, especially with the collar. I'd do a DIY job and embellish the collar with a few studs (since I could not find any studded collar tops at Debenhams) and tuck it into high waisted jeans. Royal blue is one of my fav colours ever.
I love animals prints, they are my weakeness, so obviously I loved these statement pants. Debenhams also had these wild forest green floral printed pants, that are worth checking out as well. 
This oversized floral clutch is so cute.
Check out these wedge booties. They look comfy too. Perfect for winter.

What do you guys think? Has anything stood out for you shopping wise this month? Do share!!
xxxx A

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