12 Dec 2012

Labels Blogfest Picture Galore: Designer Dress Up Part 2

I have three more talented designers to take you through today who were a part of the
'Labels Blogfest'.

Wardha Saleem
I absolutely loved Wardha Saleem's 'Folk Play' collection from FPW4, so when I saw that we will be dressing up in these pieces, I was over the moon. Loved the vibrant colours, the prints and the attention to detail. So so so exquisite. 
 Wardha going through the racks picking outfits for each of us.
 Amara's kameez.
 Wadha positioning the sari's pallu.
With the lovely Wardha Saleem.
To purchase pieces from Wardha's collection, click here.

Maheen Karim
Another stunning collection we saw at FPW4 from the very talented Maheen Karim. The 'Luxe' collection was very on trend with metallics and the colour burgundy. Complimented with Sherezad's sparkling jewels, each ensemble looked magnificent. Maheen also looked very stylish in one of her own designs paired with a drop waist belt - so chic.
Maheen and Sana AK.
Sana Ak looks beautiful wearing the coat and burgundy pants.
(Click here to buy this ensemble)
Amara and I. 
(Click here to buy what I am wearing. Click here to buy what Amara is wearing)
Sana Khalifzai and Maheen Karim. (Don't miss the stunning Sherezad earrings)
(Click here to buy this chic silk jumpsuit)
(To buy more Maheen Karim pieces click here)

Feeha Jamshed
Last but certainly not least - superwoman Feeha Jamshed blew us away with her pieces. It was amazing to see how into the process she was, she made sure our shoes were appropriate for the outfits and fitted each piece to perfection. Very impressed with her attention to detail and her innovative and flattering designs. Most of the pieces were from 'Minaal's Rose to Gold Dust' which was showcased at FPW3 earlier this year.

Feeha looking fab, wearing a janitor jumpsuit which we recently saw on Mahira Khan. 
(Click here to buy the jumpsuit seen on Mahira, click here to buy the jumpsuit in other prints)
Checking the racks.
Adore this high waisted sharara skirt Aisha Gul wore, so versatile! Very few designers do 
Western/Eastern fusions like this.
(To order the pieces Aisha, Sana and I are wearing, click here)
Buy Feeha Jamshed on the Labels estore :)
All of us. 
(To purchase other designs by Feeha, click here)

That wraps up the blogfest news! Hope you enjoyed virtually being a part of the event! 
xxx A 

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