15 Nov 2012

Sneak Preview: Sanam Chaudhri Luxury Pret Shoot

When I saw this on the 'Natasha's Salon' facebook page this morning I nearly fell off my chair... WOW!!!!!

The shoot took place in October for the Labels e-store, but wow the final outcome has just been released and it is stunning. (The pieces will soon be available on the Label's e-store, so keep checking back for that.)

The make up is perfection - the black winged liner makes the eye area look very regal. I love how Natasha has used gold all over, especially on the lips. It's super because the make up, hair and clothes compliment each other beautifully. The make up stands yet it is not overbearing, so the limelight remains on the stunning Sanam Chaudhri pieces. Superb styling. The whole look is very 'Modern Moghul meets Spanish Matador'.

(The velvet jacket is exquisite)

Some more pictures taken from the H&Z Creative Agency page on facebook:

Just look at all the colours, such a treat to the eyes!

Make up: Natasha, Hair: Hina, Styling: Natasha and H&Z Creative Agency, Art Direction, Concept: H&Z. Creative Agency, Photography: Zara Tareen, Model: Hira Tareen.

Doesn't this just make your day?
xxx A

(Picture Source: Natasha's Salon/H&Z Creative Agency facebook page)

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