17 Nov 2012

Beauty Photographer: David Benoliel

David Benoliel is known for his outstanding beauty and fashion photography. Originating from France, David is currently residing in the US.

What stood out for me was how he has used photo manipulation concepts in his pictures. I did a class on photo manipulation using Adobe Photoshop, so I tend to really appreciate such talents. It is not an easy job and can take days for a perfect result. David really focuses on selecting good models who can give a statue-esque look. His work consists of perfectly symmetrical faces and pop's of colour. Some the pictures look very 'Pop Art' inspired.

Let's take a look at some of the images:

What do you think? Name some of your favourite photographers. I am loving some of our local talent as well, and will soon feature their work too.
More for later,
xxx A

(Images: google, trendland)

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