26 Oct 2012

Outfit: Pakistan Fashion Week: Day 3

Hello all,

This is what I wore on Day 3 of FPW:

I've got on: Dotti cropped pants, Thurley top, Asos blazer, Alexander McQueen clutch, Christian Louboutin shoes.

EID MUBARAK IN ADVANCE :) May you all have a blessed Eid.

More FPW updates to follow, so stay tuned.

xxx A


  1. LOve the clutch n shoes n yes your lip color also =)
    which base do u use?

    1. Hi, I use mac and then a damp sponge and very lightly pat kroyolan tv stick all over, if it's an event with heavy lights :)) otherwise just mac
      and thank you!! Hope you're doing well xx

    2. Thanks hun and yes I m doing great