1 Nov 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 3 Finale

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Misha Lakhani:

Misha Lakhani's collection blew me away. Timeless simplicity at its finest. The collection combined a subtle take on the extravagance of old India by fusing it with an International theme. The pieces were refined, delicate and very feminine. The use of fabrics was delightful, lots of silk, velvet, mesh enhancements, subtle embroidery, frayed edges, block prints. Beautiful range of colours from ivory, to oranges, to regal blue, nudes, black. The styling was simple but effective - models walked bare footed on the ramp. The incorporation of western styles to eastern wear was spot on and the focus was purely on the breath taking pieces.

Nine West: 

Again, whyyy are these high street stores at fashion week? Whyyyy? I don't get it. Yes, we understand Nine West is a sponsor and has 61 stores worldwide and a huge following, but it still should not be showcased for a good 10 minutes (or an eternity as it seemed) at FPW. The styling was bad, with the models in their Nine West shirts, yes we understand you are trying to put the focus on the bags and shoes but please, pay some attention to detail. It could have been an attractive blank canvas with a nice silhouette. Iraj of course put on a show with her dance and show stopper... errr stripper (hehe j/k) moves, that was the only highlight. Blah.

6 designers showcased their capsule collections. I thought this was super end to FPW 4 2012. 

Shamaeel Ansari:
A very different collection , very dramatic cuts, exaggerated sleeves, Eastern prints, lots of velvet used, giving the collection a very majestic touch. Trust Shamaeel to wow us with stunning prints. The collection had an air of extravagance about it and its grandeur spilled over to give it a real regal look.

Aamir Adnan:
I'm generally not a fan of such intricate heavy sherwanis for men but Aamir is good at what he does. I liked the white sherwani though. Cannot imagine any man locally wanting to wear pieces that are so heavy/colourful.

Sadaf Malaterre:
Good, modern collection, liked the nude colours and subtle draping/embellishments. Never thought of a silver on nude combination and Sadaf is making it work. Very feminine and flowy. Gorgeous sari.

Shehla Chatoor:
Shehla's cocktail collection named Chinoiserie Collection was very modern and bold; evidently inspired by Chinese aesthetics, prints and art. The textured elements (fur and leather) added a serious oomph factor. The subtle embellishments made each piece stand out and the cuts looked very flattering to most body types. The draping on silk was fabulous. My favourite piece was the trench coat with fur finishing. What a masterpiece. 

Deepak Perwani:
I was more into Deepak's sherwanis as opposed to Aamirs, though I have seen mixed reviews from critics. I liked the shoulder embellishment detailing, thought it was different and would like to own a blazer with that kind off detailing. Also liked the use of velvet. Collection gave a grand appeal through the colours, fabrics and embellishments used.

Maheen Khan:
Now this collection showed thorough expertise and skill. Very chic and elegant. Beautiful draping, cuts and silhouettes. Fabulous french lace coat in teal with a slight trail and scallops on the front. Rich colour palette used incorporating blues, purples pinks and nudes. Subtle frayed edges. Absolutely divine. A treat to the eyes.

The styling on Day 3 was a little disappointing on the whole. Day 2 boasted the best collections and styling to along. However, I am so impressed with the Pakistani fashion scene and our local designers that I would like to applaud them for their talent and creativity. I always leave FPW with buckets of inspiration

The night ended with a huge confetti shower as the models and designers celebrated FPW's success on the runway.

(Picture sources: ebuzztoday.com, viewscraze.com, google images)

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