25 Oct 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 3

Even though day 2 showcased some of the strongest collections, Day 3 had a lot to offer as well. Let's jump straight into the reviews alongside *some* FPW goss:

Maheen Karim:
Maheen Karim's 'Luxe' collection showed off military style accents, oriental detailing and fabulous draping. Maheen K showcased a range of different fabrics from jamavar/silks to georgettes and velvets. Using a rich colour palette of metallics/gold, black deep reds and oranges. The collection certainly had a very luxurious feel - the jumpsuits were to die for and a definite wardrobe must have. However, I wasn't loving the metallic gold jersey dresses. I think they took away from the collection as a whole - that being said they could look beautiful worn off the runway. The red statement suit was exquisite and a part of my top 5 fashion week picks. The collection was paired with Palestyle clutches which are part of FashionCompassion and can be bought at Ensemble.

Emraan Rajput:
This collection had a fun playful childlike element using retro candy colours that appealed to me instantly as I adore colour - the more colour the better. This collection certainly had mixed reviews but I'm one of the more positive people vouching for the creativity, and handcrafted aesthetic involved. The intro video gave me chills - it really set the tone and the direction/feel of the whole show. I have really been enjoying the mens collections and again; the fact that this was so colourful really tickled my tastebuds. When I saw the suits for women being showcased it was like the icing on the cake. The use of pin tucks, pleats, weaving (Bottega Veneta-esque), cross stitching, (Chanel-esque) quilting, the cut of the blazer folds - super creative take on your standard blazer. I do admit that some pieces still needed a lot of work and almost looked unfinished - amazing range nonetheless. (Unfortunately the pictures don't exactly focus on the stitching techniques so you might have to use your imagination on that one)

I may be one of the few "critics" (for lack of a better word) that aren't vouching for this collection. Certainly it was different but I really don't know about 'crochet couture', has a bit of an old school feel to it. As it is I am not a crochet or sequin fan - however the pastel colours used on the multicolour pieces and the crochet take on the little black dress made for a very different collection. The sari's were also divine. It is no doubt that a lot of blood and sweat has done into creating this collection, the workmanship is flawless. (Polki jewelry by Naj)

Rizwanullah showcased a range of different fabrics in his collection 'Evoking the Serpant' - fabrics included cottons, silks, lace, leather alongside others. Models were styled in a different and interesting manner, almost like gothic (colours) meets (dark) Pop Art (I am referring to the make up and styling). Ex MTV VJ; heartthrob Waqar Ali Khan also graced the runway looking rather stylish - pic below. I was quite disappointed with Rizwanullah's collection and expected him to bring a lot more to the stage. There was a lot of layering, scarves, ethnic prints kaftans and some nice draping aspect present. A lot of leather finishing on suits has been seen this FPW, which I am a huge fan of.
Rizwanullah generated a huge buzz by planting a kiss right on Faiza's lips during his appreciation walk. How is that for publicity? (Pic below)

To be continued...
xxx A

(Images courtesy of ebuzztoday.com)

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