25 Oct 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week - Day 2 Continued...

... Continued..

Zaheer Abbas:
My favourite from FPW: a breath taking collection. Zaheer Abbas used a standard shade of ivory for this whole collection and worked with a range of different silhouettes. It may sound repetitive, but every single piece was a vision. The delicate and subtle use of nude embroidery, mesh inserts and (embroidered) collars made the pieces come alive. Superb use of pleating and pin tucks to create an exaggerated flare. The straw hats gave the pieces a touch of exclusivity and took me back to pre partition India under the British rule. The collection was sophisticated, feminine and a little flirty. A refined fusion of Eastern and Western wear. The fully embroidered dress (last picture shown below) was quite Balmain-eqsue, don't you think? An absolutely magificent collection. I am in sheer awe.

Aamir Baig:
Aamir Baig's collection was very bold and trendy. Good colour palette: black, white red and metallic gold. The metallic block printing looked grand. Once again we see a few fur collars,which seem to be trending at FPW 4. Favourite look was the short/suit combo which the show opened with and the black top/blazer collar with the mesh sleeves, and gold pants. Aamir Baig knows how to do statement pants. Very stylish.

Adnan Pardesy: 
A good show to close day 2. Used a lot of cross stitch technique and rally work. Fantastic use of colour. Styling was superb, and the make up was a good change to the previous looks.  I really did not like the coloured stockings and peep toe shoes together. Two thumbs up for the runway direction and how all the models showcased the collection at the end. The layering look with vests and jackets worked really well and the whole collection was very fun with a very strong ethnic element - a treat to the eyes.

Day 3 review coming up soon.
xxx A
(Images courtesy of ebuzztoday.com)

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