11 Jul 2012

Lux Style Awards 2012 - Best Dressed Ladies

The first thing I did today was log on to my computer to check out pictures from the Lux Style awards that took place last night (10th July 2012) in Karachi, Pakistan.

Sanam Chaudhri won the title for 'Best Dressed', well deserved and I love her line, all her pieces are so different to the run of the mill designs that are present at most boutiques.

Below are pictures of some of the other ladies I thought looked fab:

Amina Sheikh stole the show, she was put together flawlessly. Her dress - designed by Maheen Karim, was perfect, from the colour, to the cut, to the way she carried it paired with her simple black peep toe heels. Her jewellery was by Sherezad Rahimtoola. She looked beautiful.
I also loved Mathira's dress with the 3-D butterflies by Ali Xeeshan. Although her make up looks a bit smudged and the fitting of the dress is slightly off. I think her whole look could have been styled better, I do like the dress on its own though, it's divine, very Matthew William-esque with the butterflies and printed flowy fabric. (If you know me you'll know I have a thing for butterflies.)
 Maheen Khan - elegant as always, so stunning and graceful in black with a string of pearls around her neck.
Stylists Maha Burney and Raana Khan look super. Maha in her nude Maheen Karim gown with a crystal clutch, minimal accessories. Raana is wearing a sequined dress by Sadaf Malaterre, once again she is minimally accessorized. I personally am not a fan of the overdone look. Raana's hair is to die for - the short cut and the loose curls. Sanam Chaudhri is in the middle, in a black Grecian one shouldered dress with a very chic up-do.
How funky do the Pond's Gold Radiance girls look? Love the Pond's presence at all big events. Marketing at its finest.

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All the pictures above are by Osama Saeed (osi photography)

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  1. great coverage... I was dying to see some snaps from the event! Missed your posts! Btw I've moved my blog here. Do check it out :)