11 Jul 2012

Another Louboutin Post: The Louboutin Manicure!

Oh my!!!! This such a fun look. Want to try it asap (will post pics), but till then:

What you need to get this look: black and red nail polish and top coat. Standard nail polish colours that are easily available. You will also need Q tips and nail polish remover.

What you need to do: Use the red nail polish first on the inside of the nail, don't worry if it gets a bit messy, just pull the tips of your skin back and paint away. It might be helpful if you get someone to do your right hand for you/or left depending on whether you're left or right handed. Let it dry and paint the top black. Use the top coat for a glossy look.
Once it has dried, dip the Q tip in nailpolish remove and use it to remove the red messy bits off your skin.

xxxx A

(Images: courtesy of google)

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  1. That's seriously wicked... I so have to try that!