6 Jun 2012

The Magnum Experience... Made with Belgian Chocolate

The new Magnum is made with the finest Belgian chocolate and comes in 3 delicious new flavours: Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle. My personal favourite is Almond. I was dying to try the new Magnum after seeing the campaign around the city, after all I do love my Belgian chocolate, and I love my Magnum, so the combination was lethal.

Pictures of the Magnum Experience... even Tumtum's was dying to get a taste!

The difference between Belgian chocolate and other chocolate is the way it is made. The finest cocoa beans are sourced and processed using top quality ingredients - the cocoa beans are ground and mixed with sugar and cocoa butter for the rich creamy taste. Fine craftsmanship is involved and vigorous process control at every step for the premium quality taste (and look).

Fact: 20% of the worlds chocolate is produced in Belgium.

Go get yourself a Magnummm..mmm..mmmmmmm...

xxxxx Alyzeh

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