7 Jun 2012

Allechant by Sehr Khosa

A friend of mine, Sehr Khosa, runs a Lahore based label by the name of 'Allechant'.
I'd describe the signature style as pure fabrics, regal cuts, lots of drapery and kundan work with big stones, pearls and other royal looking adornments. Allechant makes clothes according to your budget, so whatever your budget is Sehr will custom make to your needs.
Check the Allechant website here website and the facebook page here for more information and pictures. By the way, not only are the clothes beautiful but profits made on the clothing are given to charity.

Below are a few images of my favourite designs, I love the collared necks with work and the super long trails:

Sehr looking very regal in one of her own creations.
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  1. well that is totally a lie, i think bloggers should research on a designer and then promote them on their blogs since readers like us get ripped off by these so called designers ( read money makers) . well being her customer let me explain you how can you be victimized . she would say that the material she'll use is pure while she'll use synthetic one, fools you. she shows you sample that the dress would look like this. she would reuse the sample and say it was made for you, clothes already worn by her friends or herself , no proper finishing , clothes not even ironed or presented in a proper way. In the name of charity you should not fool people :). To top it up she has got the worse behaviour towards her customers . Most of her designs are honey waqar + manish malhotra's replicas and she can complains about people copying her designs . Sigh!

  2. I second Shayyan. She has the worst behaviour towards her customers and for some reason she is not comfortable taking to her customers over the phone or on Skype and she won't give you her boutique address. All she will give you is her email and number which you can only use to message her or whatsapp. She won't pick up the phone when you call, because that is just not her way to deal with clients. Very Classy! When you have to deal with customers outside of Pakistan, you have to give them some kind of assurance that you are real. However, Sher decides to keep her contact information confidential and still expects the customer to just blindly trust her and send thousands of dollars. She clearly needs to learn how to do this business and then get back on the field.