17 Apr 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 - Day 4

Hi all,

So today was the finale of FPW 2012, though I still preferred day 3 - nonetheless there was a good line of surprises and some superb collections. Through FPW I got to visualize and learn more about Pakistani designers, and I am overwhelmed (masha'Allah) by how talented and creative the fashion industry here is.

The show started off with Sana Safinaz; they showcased a gorgeous colour palette of nudes, oranges, golds and some peacock colours. The brocade jackets were to die for - I really really neeed to have oneeee. Loved the purple velvet (such gorgeous fabrics!!), nice subtle prints, and the golden collared playsuit with polka dots was beautiful!!!!

Tapulicious by Tapu Javeri - What a grand entry with the burkha ladies - Beautiful silk printed scarves.. Didn't love the bags as printed bags are not my thing, however the concept was great. I sat there wondering if people would take offense to the burkhas being removed?? Thank God I didn't hear an uproar about that because sometimes we have a habit of blowing things out of proportion, I thought it was a very entertaining show that was put out, although I'm not sure why one of the models was wearing Prada sunnies?! Can't you get sued for that? Ooooh and I LOVEDD one of the vintagey looking printed trunks that was truck art inspired (shown below), luvluvluv.

Abdul Samad - What a show!!!! It was a fashion theatrical inspired by Quaid-i-Azam. The speech by him was very emotional. Loved the attention to detail. The ensembles were regal, loved the little white pocket squares. (((LOVEEEED)) the black tux. Great variety of looks. Love love luv luv luv his collection, it's a MASTERPIECE, it follows a theme, it showcases a variety of looks, it speaks for itself. I laughed at the pose one of the models did with 2 fingers up and a ciggie in his mouth..  (big lol).. wish I could find a pic of it. Loved the bow tie look. The textured topi's reminded me of what my grandfather used to wear. The walking stick with the elongated gun nozzle was super.. SUPER!! Best mens collection I have seen. Loved that they were all in character. I wish I had a video to post up to show all my readers this if you have missed it.  Emotional, moving, good suits, great entertainment, what more could we want. Well done Abdul Samad!!!!

Body Focus Museum - Iman Ahmed. I used to wear a lot from here 5-6 years back, it's nice to see that they're reinventing themselves, it was an interesting collection. Loved the use of whites/blacks and the gorgeous draping. Wearable, cool, loose and summery. It's good to see that jumpsuits are not going out of fashion anytime soon. I liked the subtle touch of colour, and the fusion of the tribal prints. The dupattas were absolutely stunning, very Dior couture in terms of the fabulous draping. Pictures don't do the draping some of the pieces justice.

Deepak Perwani - The white lace entry dress was gorgeous gorgeous. Liked the nude shades to start of with transforming into more pastelly colours. Very sparkly. Liked the floral/pop art-ish print as well. Quite a feminine collection.

 Feeha Jamshed - Tribute to her sister Minnal and Rooha, who passed away tragically, may their souls rest in peace (Ameen) - this was a very emotional show, it gave me goosebumps. Beautiful pieces, lovely silks. Loved the hot pink maxi high waisted skirt and velvet blazer. Three words: Elegant, feminine and ethereal.

I missed Honey Waqar because I left.. but felt bad that most people left during her show. Wish there was a more exciting show stopping finale.. one that people would stay back for. Maybe next time though.. Heard some terrible reviews.. saw the collection online and found it quite gaudy.

What I wore today; Stradivarious electric blue pants, Bardot electric blue blazer, black vest from I don't know where - maybe Forever 21, Pakistani silk scarf which was a gift, vintage Givenchy chain, Louboutins and a white Chanel flap worn long which I don't think you can see in the pics... The quality of pics is bad because I'm almost always running late and never end up taking good (non-blackberry) pictures!!!

PS - How cute is Z's blouseee!!!!

More for later xxxxxxx

Images from: http://partylicious.com.pk

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