17 Apr 2012

Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 - Day 3

I attended Day 3 and 4 of FPW'12. Unfortunately missed day 1 and 2, but heard Bunto Kazmi stole the show - I wouldn't expect anything less from her either. Not only is she a wonderful person but one of the best designers in Pakistan.

This was my first time attending FPW ever, every other time I have been at uni... but it was great to see so much talent stemming from Pakistan. Makes me proud *tear*

Here are some pictures that sum up the ambiance of the event:

The tickets... I kind of wish they had the location on the ticket. I mean we knew it was at the PC but still I believe in attention to detail.
Z and I on the way there...
The image above was taken by Adeela Badshah...
 The golden Pond's girls with Z, testing the Gold Radiance range...
How cute are the Delve Desserts
 Z holding the Scensation gift bag.. which comprised of a FPW magazine, a little gift box from Scensation in which there were a couple of perfume samples, and another take away was a mini Etihad airways fold-able pen.
 The lounge area..
The set up inside..

Now as for my review about the designers:

Shamaeel Ansari - "It's complicated".. had the signature look of the 4 provinces in Pakistan, yet had a modern look. Comprised of a very layered floral look.

Baani D - This reminded me a fusion between Pucci and Pakistan,  loved the bright colours and the little round ethnic bags are to die for.. I really want to get my hands on one of them. A lot of the pieces were quite boho looking. All in all a very fun collection which an interesting combination of materials and prints. A lot of the collections showcased on Day 3 reminded me of themes that are portrayed on Pakistani truck art. I am so fond of Pakistani Truck Art and did a whole research project in uni on it, I will soon be dedicating a whole post of my love for it.

aaah, love the jamavar/brocade boots!! So funky..

Ahmed Bham - Very fun blazers for men, but hello.. I'd wear them too. I love love love blazers.. and would love to add some of his to my collection... would put in the true meaning to 'boyfriend blazers'... anyhow, about the collection, he used a great colour palette, very ethnic beachy look. It reminded me a  bit of the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011 campaign, and also some of the stripes Paul Smith uses. Liked the Sherwani's too...

The Hilfiger campaign I'm comparing the collection to. Loved loveddd this campaign...

Monsoon/Accessorize - my reaction was; "At fashion week?!!!!!!!! Seriously?"... The children modelling upped the cuteness factor, but still no excuse for a British high street brand to be at FPW...

Gulabo - The audience seemed to love this the most, it just livened up the show with the old school catchy songs and the truck art street style theme emphasized by the painted helmets. Once again a very bold, ethnic and colourful collection. I have a thing for floral/printed skits and pants, and also oversized flowers. Maheen Khan can never go wrong. Everything was very wearable (minus the crocs!!!!)

Wardha Saleem - Love love love the bell booties and the sound they made when the models walked on stage. How Pakistani!!! Like anklets with bells on them. I'd like a pair just to keep in my closet. My favourite was the red dress with the green jacket. Seemed to be the crowds favourite collection, and got a standing ovation from almost everyone present. Love love love, and the Wardha Saleem logo with the little bird sitting on 'Saleem' is the best!!!!

You can see the logo here, isn't it great?!

The jodhpur pants <3 <3... oh my love for jamavar/brocade!!!

Nomi Ansari - All the designers came out and showcasing the clothes. Great show finale, with a rapper Ahmed Butt, and all models and other celebrity figures (Rima) dancing away.. Crowd loved it!! I feel this should've been the finale for Day 4, instead of Honey Waqar.. Didn't even stay back to watch her show, most people left... I heard this show was designed specially for Pakistani celebrity figures. Was an enjoyable show to watch!!!. Good end to the night.

What I wore: Bardot blouse (Australian high street store), Sass and Bide leggings, Zagliani snakeskin envelope clutch, Louboutins.

That's all for now folks <3

PS - I love saying 'love love loveeeeeeeeeeee' love love loveeee

(All images courtesy of google images unless watermarked :))))

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