1 Jun 2014

Bridal Diary: Nikkah

Hi all,

Sorry to have been missing in action for so long, but a lot has happened since 2013. For starters, I became the fashion and beauty editor for OK! Pakistan, which has just recently launched in the market. That alongside planning my wedding really took up all my time, but now that I am married and am in England for the summer, I have a lot more time to update my blog.

Speaking of OK! magazine, check out the May 2014 issue (with Scarlett Johansson on the cover) to see some society diaries pictures of my wedding and a feature in which I have discussed my looks and wedding planning in depth. I will also be posting up that page when the June issue is released, so keep a look out here!!)

Back to BFB, let me share with you all exclusive pictures of my nikkah ceremony. We had this at my grandmothers house, since all my cousins who have gotten married have had their ceremony there, so it's kind of like a tradition. I had an Iranian nikkah, which basically consists of a spread called the Sofre-ye-Aghd, the items on this spread symbolise life, marriage, love, fertility, health and so on. So it's really a very beautiful ceremony. For my ceremony we picked a white, gold and silver theme. I wore a lace dress that was designed by Maheen Karim, she gave me this amazingly dramatic trail which I adored. This was a very traditional Iranian nikkah in every sense, I was dressed as an Iranian bride as well. The decor was done by Batool Haji who did a phenomenal set up. My make up was done by Ayesha from Nabilas.

 These scrolls were filled with information about the nikkah spread (Sofre-ye-Aghd), and described why each item was on the spread.
The cake!

That's all for the nikkah, folks!! Check back tomorrow for the dholki pictures ;) :)
xxx A


  1. Good luck dear..very different n stylish pucs.njoyed

  2. Oh wow - What a beautiful ceremony; mA you look lovely - many congrats!

  3. I have been checking on the blog for the dholki pictures since last 3 days. Please share them soon.
    You look lovely btw. The photos look so fairy-taleish. Many many congratts.

  4. Everything is so beautiful done and such a beautiful concept of dressing up as an Iranian bride !!! Love your style ! X