2 Sept 2013

Lust List: Corto Moltedo Clutches

Hello lovelies,

I am currently lusting over these gorgeous Corto Moltedo box clutches:

So you may or may not know this, but Corto Moltedo is a the son of Bottega Veneta - what he does with his brand is a more contemporary take on his family's business. His brands aesthetic stems from the hybrid existence of both the city and countryside, he also draws inspiration from his travels across the globe;  as he creates a showpiece through each bag, each are handcrafted using exotic skins, the finest leather and embellishments. His bags have been spotted on the arms of some of the biggest fashionistas.

For those in Karachi at the moment, trust Labels to bring you a one of a kind opportunity to shop the Corto Moltedo handbag range - the designer and stylist Pernia Qureshi will also be present at the store tomorrow from 11 30 am to 9 pm - check the invite below:

Aren't the clutches to die for?
xxx A

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