25 May 2013

My Gelish Experience!! (By Salina Cosmetics)

Hello beautiful readers!!!

Today I am going to tell you about the wonderful experience I had with 'Gelish', which has been brought to Pakistan by Salina Cosmetics. My 'Gelish' manicure was done at Mubashir Khan Salon. The process takes up to an hour - 'Gelish' is similar to nail polish, however, it lasts for about 2 weeks. Layers of 'Gelish' are used on the nail, similar to the application of nail polish, the only difference is that 'Gelish' is dried under a UV light and is much glossier and harder than nail polish. 

The best part about 'Gelish' is that it does not chip!!! One of my biggest pet peeves is chipped nail polish as it looks far too unkempt. Also, this is the perfect thing to do before leaving for holiday. You can also apply other shades on top of 'Gelish', and they can easily be removed with nail polish remover and the 'Gelish' application will be perfect underneath. Cool, right?!

Swatches of all the fun shades available. 

Below are some pictures I took whilst getting my nails done:
Nails are dried under the UV light in the 'Gelish' machine 
The final look - so I opted for a neony pink shade called 'Passion', with very subtle nail art. Thought it would be fresh and feminine for the summer! 

I strongly recommend everyone to get a 'Gelish' manicure, especially if you are someone on the go and cannot go to the salon frequently - I know that this is going to be my staple mani/pedi now.  Thank you Salina Cosmetics!! :)

If you are in Karachi check out the following salons: Bina Khan, Tariq Amin, Meher Naeeb, Beyond Bliss, Nina Lotia, Blush Salon, Nabilas, Ellemint, Sabs Salon, BluRain, StudioC by Cistres, Venus Salon & Spa, Dressing Table, Laiqa Hassan, Neelos, Shamain, Fehmida's, Ensemble Salon, Mubashir Khan Salon, Mona J salon, Angies Salon, Elle Rouge Salon, Alle'Nora Annies Signature Salon.
Lahore: SplitEnds, SplitEnds Express, Sabs, Nabila, Aramish.
Islamabad: Tariq Amin.

What do you girls think?
xxx A


  1. erm. so how do you eventually remove Gelish?

  2. My question is same how do you remove it. I m not into nail colours.

  3. You have to go back to the salon and they will remove it for you. It's quite an easy process!! xx