10 May 2013

Don't Forget To Vote With The Election Bag: Mahin Hussain Accessories

A big hello to all my fab fashionistas,

I come bearing a socially responsible message from Mahin Hussain Accessories. Recently, I came across this 'Election Bag' and I thought it was fabulous - very fashion forward, you can use it to tag along your items whilst sending out the right message -"Vote - because it counts!"

I hope that you all will be voting tomorrow, I know I sure will be!! You can confirm your polling station by sending a text message to 8300 with your CNIC number to vote!

Mohsin Sayeed carrying the election bag! 

You can purchase this bag for Rs.750 at Ensemble, Fashion Pakistan Lounge in Lahore and L'Atelier - At IVS, Neco's and Contempo (Zamzamma) and Warehouse!! Grab

Also love this sequinned Pakistani flag clutch! So patriotic and fun!

So, who will you be voting for tomorrow?
xxx A 

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  1. Hi i am noor ,How can i contact you ?
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    I work for karachi fashion week