12 Feb 2013

Featured Designer: Jalebi

I love fashion forward thinking and that is why I am in awe of 'Jalebi' - there are three main people behind the brand, Sabeen, Kashif and Maheen. Kashif focuses on management and accounts and Sabeen and Maheen are the creative heads. Maheen focuses on their accessories range.

Now, the thing is, 'Jalebi' uses recycled fabrics to make their signature pieces. They are an ethical brand - with many women under their umbrella who make all the fun crochet embellishments and tassles that are dominant features on the pieces. 

Their new collection is called 'Op-Art meets Malang' and you can see the fun pieces in the pictures below. Sabeen stated that, "This collection is an amalgamation of the seasons hottest trends done in a very 'Jalebi' way. The inspiration for this collection actually came from a malang walking across the street, in the most fabulous outfit ever, hence it trickled the entire collection in my head. The collection has a lot of black and white and geometric motifs, colour blocking, our signature crochets, bottle-cap tassles and printed palazzo's."

'Jalebi' will soon be launching really fun recycled necklace stoles, with pretty embroidery and crochet flowers on them, you can see them in one of the pictures below - the concept behind this piece is great, can be worn with tee's, as well as plain mens shirt style kameezes. 

Other than that, future plans include opening up a store - Sabeen said she has already chalked out the interior - how exciting! There is also a collaborative project underway of handmade recycled bags, as well as fun furniture and interior decor items. The future plans sound promising and I cannot wait to see what Jalebi has in store for us!!

Very impressed with our local talent and their innovative ideas. There is so much potential for fashion with a conscience in our country, and a lot of designers leverage on this by hiring and training local women - however, making use of recycled fabric is something still VERY new in Pakistan and a super thing to do - the benefits of recycling fabrics are great - less waste ending up in landfills, less resources extracted to create new fabrics and most importantly proving that there is demand for making a positively green change going forward and also to show that there IS demand for sustainable products!! This process must be encouraged!! 

Adore the printed palazzo's. 
 The lovely recycled printed stole necklaces!! ^^

I must also mention that these pieces are very well priced. They are available on the Labels Estore. Click here to purchase.

Do share if you have bought fun Jalebi pieces in the past!!

xxx A
PS - A Jalebi 'Ensemble Du Jour' post will be coming soon!!!! :)

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