14 Jan 2013

Featured in Xpoze Magazine Jan 2013

Hi all,

Grab a copy of Xpoze magazine this month to read a super fun style feature on me, packed with pictures - as well a a section full of pictures from the Labels Blogfest! Below are a couple of images that I can share with you all for now:

The lovely Rabia Butt on the cover in Ali Xeeshan.
 The editors Andleeb's letter, so honoured that she has crowned me the 'It-girl' in the world of Pakistani fashion bloggers. Thank you so much Andaleeb and Fathma, it was super fun working with you!!! 

The super fun contents page. Can you spot me?

xxx A

1 comment:

  1. Spotted you! You are carrying a bag and the story is on 28th page.