10 Nov 2012

FPW Trend Report

What's red hot for the season:

 (Adnan Pardesy, Maheen Karim, Shamaeel and Maheen Khan)
 (Wardah Saleem, Zaheer Abbas and Aamir Baig)
 (Arsalan & Yahseer and Shehla Chatoor)
 (Arsalan & Yahseer and Rizwanullah)
 (Misha Lakhani, Rizwanullah and Zaheer Abbas)
 (Aamir Baig,  Shamaeel, Maheen Karim and Maimoona H)
 (Aamir Baig, Rizwanullah, Sanam Chaudhri, Maheen Karim, Wardah Saleem and DnF)
 (Emraan Rajput, Aamir Baig and Maheen Karim)

(Shamaeel and Misha Lakhani)

Also trending: statement blazers, empire waists (via cuts, ties or waist belts), lace and bold colours.

xxx A

(Images: ebuzztoday, viewscraze)


  1. fantastic work. loved reading it. so i better add some fur and leather in my closet :D

  2. Thank you so much Umair!!! Yes, def a shirt with leather trimming :)