13 Nov 2012

Featured Designer: Amit Aggarwal

I fell in love with Amit Aggarwal's saree's as soon as I laid my eyes on them. They are contemporary, sensual, innovative, yet they have an elegant feel to them. By the way, before I continue, not only are his saree's a taste of divinity but his other pieces are also structural masterpieces influenced by architectural forms. Amit has blown away the world of fashion with his collections and they have been spotted on numerous celebrities and fashionistas (Katy Perry is a huge fan).

 The saree is pre-stitched jersey  (silks and chiffons are also used) - giving a fabulous fall with his exquisite drapery. The best thing about these saree's is that not only are they stunning to look at, but they are comfortable and easy to wear. Oh, and the other great thing is the blouse; what interesting blouses - structured in the signature Amit Aggarwal form, made of mesh with minimal to no embellishments. It is such a genius idea to incorporate a body suit as a blouse and when you don't want to wear the actual saree, you can always wear the blouse out with pants. Absolutely magnificent.

 Monica Dogra graces the cover of The Lifestyle Guide India wearing a breathtaking Amit Aggarwal creation  paired with some lovely jewels. 
My personal favourite is the gray sari with the mesh bodysuit shown above.
 Rani Mukherjee wearing an Amit Aggarwal Sari.
The Ensemble store display in Mumbai, where Amit stocks his beautiful range of sari's. Hoping Ensemble here will start stocking his range in the near future.

Are you as in love as I am?
xxx A

(Images courtesy of google.com)

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