5 Aug 2012

My August Style Picks: Debenhams at Dolmen Mall

I have discovered in my short time here that the mall culture is rapidly growing, with the exclusive opening of Dolmen Mall; soon to open, The Mall, and older malls, such as Park Towers and The Forum. We have observed this trend in places like Dubai where people live, breathe and eat at malls, but Karachi is catching on quite fast as well.  Pre Dolmen Era - The shops in malls included local brands, with the exception of sporting brands and Lacoste. Suddenly we are seeing a whole new trend; High Street stores taking over the emerging Karachi market. High Street Stores such as Accessorize, Mango, Monsoon, Next and Debenhams have taken the city by storm.

The venturing of British High Street Stores into the Pakistani market is rather smart. With an estimated population of 21 million, Karachi being the commercial capital and one of the most populous cities in the world, these high street stores are enthusiastic about encashing on the growing middle class that has the money to spend.  Karachi does after all generate most of Pakistan’s tax revenue.  Despite the political turbulence, people are still living lavishing, enjoying life and growing rather conscious of what they wear and where they shop.

The hype around the opening of these stores has been absolutely massive - the talk of the town in fact. People here now have well known British outlets to shop at - no more mailing your cousins or aunts in London or the US with your last minute shopping lists, everything is now locally available. Yes, the prices may differ slightly, but it is well worth the convenience. How many events have we had to attend where we have had nothing to wear, and no where to shop for a nice top? I can speak on behalf of the ladies when I say during my past 8 months here, despite having a closet full of clothes; I HAVE BEEN THERE!! These high street stores seem to be the answer to all our last minute problems. 

Debenhams is the first 'International' department store to open in Pakistan. It is your one stop shop boasting a broad range of Western clothing. The variety here ranges from shoes, clutches, tops, dresses, skirts, cosmetics to swimming suits.

I visited Debenhams during the last couple of days and have picked out a few pieces that I found super stylish and worth checking out if you are looking to update your wardrobe:

I loved this top, think it is so feminine with the scalloped Peter Pan collar and floral print. Not to miss the details: 
 vintage gold flower buttons. (This was around Rs.4000)
 Sheer chain print top. I personally adore chain prints, hence was automatically attracted to this. 
 I like the sleeves as well, looks very chic worn. (This was around Rs.4000 as well)
 Both the tops would look great with the palazzo pants featured below: 
 So palazzo pants are another big trend this season. I think these dull gold palazzo's were stunning,  
and would suit a variety of tops (Priced at around Rs.6000) 
The electric blue wedge was my favourite out of all the shoes. I have a similar pair myself in python and burnt orange 
 suede. If you are looking for something that would go with everything then it would be worth checking out the black  
colour in the same style. Although I feel the electric blue and mint would make any outfit pop (Rs. 6040)
 Aaah, this tie up crop top screams SUMMER!!! It is way way too cute with the island print, helps that its in my 
 favourite colour as well. (Around Rs.4000)
 This waist belt is another must have, with the Chanel-esque leather/chain weaving and gold hardware. Would look super  
worn on a loose dress or kameez even to give it a bit of shape. (Around Rs1700) 
This purple faux snake skin leather oversized box clutch was fab. Will add the extra oomph to any regular outfit.  
Everyone needs to have a statement clutch in their wardrobe. (Around Rs. 4000)
Lastly, I presentthe black and white dove convertible clutch. It can be used as an oversized clutch or as a purse  
slung over your shoulders via the gold chain. The details are really cute with the gold bow... so girly. 
And this is how crowded Dolmen mall gets at night during Ramadan!!  

Let me know what you thought of the items posted, which ones you would personally buywhich ones you would hate to buy and what you would add to the list!

xxx A 


  1. Love the first top, very bohemian :). I love the mall culture no matter how superficial I am called. Happy to see Karachi embracing the idea. Good post!

  2. Thank you so much!! :D :D

    I think the mall culture fits in perfectly with our society and I myself am happy to see it taking form so solidly.

  3. Two seconds ago the only thing on my mind was where to get myself a nice pair of palazzo pants. I love you for this incredible post! xx

  4. Awww, yay!! Let me know if you end up getting them xxxx