4 Jun 2012

Make Up from Vicky's, Zamzama

This post is not for make up brand snobs, hehe.

So I went to Vicky's on Zamzama a while back and got a bunch of cosmetics that are locally available.

I got 3 Etude eyeshadows (they've changed their name to something else now), these are great for a traditional bridal look and I really liked the pigmentation, stays on for ages. Got 2 Color Studio Professional lipsticks (ones a light pink shade, and the other is a bright orange, will just edit the post with the numbers). A whole bunch of Enchant 'peel off' nail polishes, I thought these are GREAT for travel, as they peel off quite easily and you don't need to carry nailpolish remover around, although that being said, the downside is that if you bang your nail somewhere the coat chips/peels too quick, anyway I loved the fun range of colours and they were sooo cheap (Rs.150). I got some for my 12 year old cousin too, and she loved it. Also got Essence eyelashes, I tried these on over the weekend and they stay really well and are just the right length. I'll be buying/using them again!!!

(the orange lip colour)

<3 <3 <3 A

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