22 Apr 2012

Pond's Beauty Bloggers Event

I have been invited to review Pond's products at a beauty bloggers event on Wednesday the 25th of Apri. We are scheduled to meet for lunch at 12 30 pm and then proceed to be pampered at the Pond's headquarters. Should be fun!!

I received the invitation in the mail:

I love the hand written name tag, always gives a touch of personalization which I feel is an important aspect of communication services. As you can see we received an invite in a box of delicious Lals chocolates. (www.lalschocolates.com)
Pond's skin/beauty products are classic, despite the competition and all the new products being developed these days Pond's has created such a strong brand name for themselves (dating back to the 1800's(!!!) with their cold cream) that as a consumer you know you cannot go wrong with their products!! Pond's has a very interesting marketing history, they were one of the first brand names to market their products using celebrities in the early 1900's!

xxxxxx A

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