19 Apr 2012

The Haircut Post (@ Shaheen's Clifton)

As the title suggests; I got a haircut day before yesterday. I always go to Shaheen's in Clifton (near KGS), not only because she's my phopho (aunty), but also because Saira and her give the best hair cuts and blow drys ever. Most hair dressers are too scissor happy for my liking, but at Shaheen's when I say I want a half an inch trim, I get half an inch off. So basically I just went to cut the fringey bit, restyle a few of the front layers and get a small trim - basic job, and I am tres satisfied!! As I always am :)))

I have a pic as well:

I was wearing a Dinz shirt and Dotti (Australian high street brand) cropped beige jeans.. my really good friend is the founder of Dinz clothing in Dubai and she makes fun scarves, t shirts, blazers, alongside other clothing pieces and accessories (www.dinzboutique.com).. I'll post separately on Dinz as well. If you're in Dubai you can check out Harvey Nichols for their latest collection.

xxxxxx A

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