15 Mar 2012

The Lawn Fad

Lawn culture seems to be inherent in every Pakistani woman's DNA.
I have heard ridiculous stories about women running to exhibitions with buckets of water in their cars to shrink the fabric and deliver it to their tailors for (asap) stitching - only to be the first to wear the design.
Sana Safinaz exhibitions in the past have been like a fish market, so personally I tend to avoid these kind of events at all costs. I'd rather go to a Saks sale and have people fight me for a pair of shoes than women with their dupattas in my face, grabbing whatever they can find. Really smart of S&S not to have an exhibition this year and proceed with supplying to stores. Kudos to that.

I would also like to ask what is up with using Indian celebrities in lawn campaigns? Sonam Kapoor is the brand ambassador for Firdous lawn 2012, and Karishma Kapoor for Crescent lawn with the typical poses - quite disappointing. I think lawn campaigns need to be a little less mainstream and possibly a little more high fashion and different. If all lawn has the same brand personality then where's the fun?

Even though quite clearly I am not lawn freak, undoubtedly there is some great talent out there.
A few lawn collections that have intrigued me this year are Misaal and Elan

"SHE" magazine referred to Misaals style as "an adventurous bold colour palette and a fusion of Eastern and Western cuts."  

Btw, adore the Misaal logo and funky graphics!! - super cool from a design POV:

(Images from Misaal facebook page)

I absolutely adore Elan's colours and prints, they give such a soft feminine look.

I would love to hear your opinion on lawn and also about your favourite lawn collections this season!!

- A

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